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Most Active Wrestling Efeds

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Welcome to Aarons Most Active Wrestling Efeds
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The WWA Network 2012

Welcome to WWA Network, a unique and new experience in the fedding world. Why I hear you ask? Well why don't you visit us and see;

0377 Vote Comments
132Screenshot of wCw 2010

wCw 2010

WCW 2010, The new age of efeds, ran by 2 10+ yr vets. Just opened the doors 7-20-2010, looking for CAWS and Real Wrestlers...Come join and start something that will never finish

0377 Vote Comments

Insane Wrestling Federation

Become the best, win championships. Insane Wrestling is the place to be when wanting to become a champion.

0374 Vote Comments

Mid-West Wrestling Association

A brand new e-fed that is wanting to grow. A dedicated owner, and a fed that has all your favorite wrestlers still up for grabs.

03153 Vote Comments
132Screenshot of WWE Action 2011

WWE Action 2011 Coming Soon!

0383 Vote Comments

EAGLE Pro Wrestling

EPW is a fed which carries a strong lineage of past federations, we have a strong OOC community and a IC which is truly one of a kind... come check us out!

0371 Vote Comments

WWE Blood Sport

WWE Blood Sport has reopened and we need new members to get a match card. Anyone is welcome to come and help us get started.

0395 Vote Comments
132Screenshot of GB Wrestling

GB Wrestling

Proving that British does best.

03104 Vote Comments

Omega Pro Wrestling

OPW is a new fed that boasts creativity above everything else. We have a dedicated staff that works constantly to come up with new match types for the e-fed.

0379 Vote Comments
132Screenshot of Wrestling Academy

Wrestling Academy

Wrestling Academy takes the concept of Highschool and College and infuses it with Wrestling superstars! be who you want and live life how you want!

03120 Vote Comments

WWE New Revolution

Looking for staff and Co-owner

03151 Vote Comments


Our main show is ECW with the other two being Heat and Velocity. We are a simmed e-fed and all rolepleyers alike are welcomed. We are fairly new so join today.

03113 Vote Comments

Cyber Destruction Championship Wrestling

The first people to join,register ,post an Application and Bio,and PM me,will win our exclusive titles.Depending on their arival. This is a serious fed,for serious people.So come on,join us and let's have some fun.

0398 Vote Comments

WWE Collision Course

A new and up and Coming WWE based Fed that also accepts Caws (Created Wrestlers). We have a dedicated Staff and a lot of top wrestlers still available.

0379 Vote Comments

WCW: The e-Fed

WCW: The e-Fed

Have you ever wondered what the wrestling world would have been like if the WCW hadn't gone under? Click on the link and visit that world as WCW has been kept going for the past ten years! Witness what could have been through one man's alternate history a

0392 Vote Comments
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