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23Screenshot of If Words Could Talk

If Words Could Talk

Here is the book the powers that be don't want you to see. Clearly laid out is the proof of the impending destruction of the Luciferian New World Order and coronation of the rightful King of Kings, Jesus the Christ - right here on earth. Included is a glo

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23Screenshot of Top Colorado Graduate Programs are at Colorado Christian University

Top Colorado Graduate Programs are at Colorado Christian University

CCU offers its students a variety of options like multiple locations, flexible class schedules, and online classes.

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24Screenshot of King and Queen

King and Queen

Fiction book about Jesus and Magdalene. This book is about the love story of Yeshua and Magdalene.

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Bible Family Tree - A Complete Bible Genealogy on CD

Complete Bible Genealogy and Ancient History Empires. Complete Bible cross reference, Hebrew name meanings, dates, maps, timeline, biographies, alternate names - On CD for home use. A comprehensive Study tool for serious Bible students.

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Make a difference in someone's life

Everyone has the ability to change the world. That means you too. It doesn't matter who you are, where you live, what you do, how much you make, everyone can make a difference. Doing Good Works is here to provide you with the resources and ideas to make t

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Tamil Christian Songs

Tamil Christian Songs Free Online Web TV and FM Radio. Download All Tamil Christian Song Lyrics Live CD Free TV WEB Page LYrics for Song and Music. THE FIRST TAMIL CHRISTIAN TV.

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Positive Science Negative Theology approaches questions of science and religion from the perspective of the negative way (via negativa) of the Christian comtemplative tradition.

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Christian Encounter

The best christian resources in the web. Exclusive christian short movies

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24Screenshot of Telical Books

Telical Books

Telical Books is an independent Christian publishing company, printing books on spirituality, psychology, art, literature, computer-aided brainstorming, and other fascinating topics.

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Ironcities Christian Connection Topsite

A Christian Topsite to let Christian Site the ability to promote their site

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Alternative Christian

A website to go for help,prayer, and tohelp others

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Globalizing the world with WORD through world wide web.Find God, Jesus Christ, Bible salvation, Healing, Deliverance ,Peace, Faith, worship, Prophecies, History.......

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Confessions of a Thirty Something Cybertronian

Faith, Politics, Wrestling, MMA, Apologetics, manhood and of course Transformers!! 100% Politically Incorrect!

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