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DXX: The Rebirth

DXX: The Rebirth celebrates its 3rd birthday in August, and in that time we have grown to become one of the largest and most active feds around. A large and friendly member base, as well as helpful staff, mean that many who join this place stay active.

0851,446 Vote Comments

XWO Overdrive

XWO: Overdrive, an e-fed like no other. Be your favorite superstar, or create one of your very own. Work your way up through the ranks to become champion!

0171,139 Vote Comments

Monday Night Raw

Come and Join Us

0161,153 Vote Comments

BWE- Bullet Wrestling Empire

[[-- Join Now --]]

0131,094 Vote Comments

WWE: Revolution

WWE: Revolution is a starting up fed that is already busy. We have had 4 match cards and the members are active. Come and join but mainly have fun.

0121,120 Vote Comments

WWE Legends Collide

We (the staff) at WWE Legends Collide accept all levels of competition. If you're new to role playing and you want help, you can always come to us. Also, we accept both created and cannon superstars, so if you want too join as your CAW, or possibly a WWE

081,108 Vote Comments



Bio-Lence is a new take on the survival horror style of forum RPGs. The year is 2013 and as a last resort to unprecedented violence the US Government has unleashed the Bio-Lence drug, but it's intended effect doesn't exactly go to plan...

071,121 Vote Comments


Were A Fed Who Started Today Join now!

051,077 Vote Comments

Championship Wrestling Organization

Brand new Fed that has the latest codes to bring you the best possible experience. Come and join

031,154 Vote Comments

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment

Be a pioneer of an eFed run by a completely dedicated owner.

02321 Vote Comments

Hip-Hop Warzone

One of the first of a new age of roleplaying, rap on the streets and watch as your street credibility increases as you make your way to becoming the top rap battle MC around.

011,040 Vote Comments

Lonesome Retribution

An old pokemon rpg making its return. Plus, Deej as admin? You'll need to check this out.

00924 Vote Comments

WWE Revolution

Hey all this is a new fed that is already going and becoming awesome. Check it out and hope you join it.

00925 Vote Comments

EAWF Wrestling Entertainment

This e-fed is only starting up.We have shows every Thursday and it's called Payback.

00523 Vote Comments


Bad F'n Arse

00721 Vote Comments
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