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A Harry Potter Fansite Listing
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1Screenshot of Books and Wands

Books and Wands

Books and Wands

We are the ultimate Harry Potter Analysis Source on the Web - Dedicated to figuring out what the hell goes on in Potterverse!

13,9794,795 Vote Comments

Malfoy Mansion RPG

Malfoy Mansion RPG

Just the RP YOU have been looking for! An exciting, well-established RPG; rich in character, exquisite detail, and stunning good looks - and that's just the Malfoys! Earn points, send owls, subscribe to the Daily Prophet and loads more. Proud to have acti

1123784 Vote Comments
3Screenshot of Harry Potter Haven RPG

Harry Potter Haven RPG

HPHavenRPG is a forum based RPG community. Take on the role of a student and explore the corridors of Hogwarts. Regular classes and special events to RP in!

1561,313 Vote Comments

Our Hogwarts

Our Hogwarts

A place where old friends and new come together to be a part of the Our Hogwarts family. Active classes, shops, Quidditch, and more! Join the OH family and we promise not to disappoint you! **Transfers are welcomed!**

05310,972 Vote Comments

Amortentia & Felix Felicis

An intermediate-expert level Marauder's Era RP that will eventually commence to Harry Potter's era. Filled with great members and exciting plots! Create canon or noncanon characters!

0204,837 Vote Comments
6Screenshot of Veneficus


This takes place after the battle at the ministry. The Death Eaters retrieved the prophecy and the Dark Lord regained more of his power. A power shift has taken place a dark cover is now over the wizarding world. All is at Voldemorts feet.

016968 Vote Comments

--Of love and war

Welcome to the Ministry of Magic. Filled with love, lies, and deceit. This site is focused around the Trio during their early twenties. It is after the battle of Hogwarts and our favorite characters as well as some new faces are falling in love.

016687 Vote Comments

Infamous Hogwarts

Infamous Hogwarts

“My Dear, I urge you to stay where you are. I don't know if I should flee, or stay. Hogwarts varies between safety and danger now, and it terrifys me. I need my friends, but at the same time wish for you to remain where you are. Please don't worry about

074,464 Vote Comments

Halls of Hogwarts RPG

Halls of Hogwarts RPG

A dark secret is lurking within the halls. Will you be the one to discover it? This is a brand-new role-playing site. We welcome members of all ages and all literacy levels. We look forward to having you as a part of our community!

062,175 Vote Comments

Hogwarts Renaissance

A new community with lots of things to do. We need more students and professors. Set in the trio's 6th year, join now for fun and adventure.

042,012 Vote Comments

Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

Choose sides and fight for your cause, play on a Professional Quidditch team, work for the Ministry and keep the magical world in check, or be a student and learn life skills you'll later need.

011,917 Vote Comments

Protego Fidelis

A unique Harry Potter RPG that encourages and welcomes creativity from its members. Conflict is rising between purebloods and muggleborns. Which side will you take?

01851 Vote Comments

Hello everyone! Cool forum! I've found so much useful info here.

001,937 Vote Comments

Listwy do domu

00458 Vote Comments


001,173 Vote Comments
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