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Best Harry Potter RPGs

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Welcome to Best Harry Potter RPGs
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Static Hogwarts

Static Hogwarts

All-Original Characters, Modern Era, 18+, No WC, Intermediate, JCINK Premium. We are one of the longest standing HPRPGs with a history dating back to June 2004 and daily activity since November 2013.

1966802 Vote Comments
2Screenshot of Newt's New York

Newt's New York

Newt's New York

An RPG continuing the story of "Fantastic Beasts" - located at

1556537 Vote Comments
3Screenshot of Tallygarunga | Harry Potter like never before

Tallygarunga | Harry Potter like never before

Tallygarunga | Harry Potter like never before

Reject fandom boredom! Be part of the Harry Potter-inspired roleplay actively expanding the wizarding world! Featuring all new classes, wizarding school, a university and additional playable species!

1358494 Vote Comments
4Screenshot of Static Hogwarts

Static Hogwarts

Static Hogwarts

Static Hogwarts is a 10-year-old forum-based RPG game set in a post-Potter era with all-original characters. Be a student or adult - create your own Wizarding World story!

11741,470 Vote Comments
5Screenshot of Potter's Army

Potter's Army

A Harry Potter RPG, set in 2027. Harry Potter is dead. So is Lord Voldemort. Fate now lies in your hands.

11718,774 Vote Comments
6Screenshot of New York Academy for the Gifted

New York Academy for the Gifted

OOC, 18+ NYA, home to Elites, has opened its doors to the Less-Thans. Whose side will you be on? Not enough drama? How about a shady auror? The City is yours for the taking. Apply now!

87170356 Vote Comments
7Screenshot of Managing Mischief

Managing Mischief

Managing Mischief

We are a AU Marauders Era site. The year is 1977 and the Marauders are in their 7th year. The first war has begun in earnest and in the rest of the wizard world, things are dangerous.

11263,622 Vote Comments
8Screenshot of Elysium Borrowed

Elysium Borrowed

Elysium Borrowed

Set in the current time and skipping to the beat of its own drum, Elysium Borrowed is a new Harry Potter based experience for writers who wish to create original characters and collaborate with others

1112513 Vote Comments
9Screenshot of The Past is the Past

The Past is the Past

An AU Harry Potter Roleplay set in the slight past.

170668 Vote Comments

Save the World

Save the World

Save the World is an AU Harry Potter RPG.

1631,045 Vote Comments
11Screenshot of The Battle Begins

The Battle Begins

Our site is AU based after the end of the 6th movie/book. There is a new Minister and Umbridge is the Headmistress of Hogwarts. Can Voldemort be stopped? We accept OC and Canon characters.

159729 Vote Comments
12Screenshot of Darvey Island

Darvey Island

Darvey Island

A wizarding community in provincial New England.

148375 Vote Comments
13Screenshot of Sutemeny, a harry potter rp

Sutemeny, a harry potter rp

We encourage anywhere from beginner to advanced members to join, we have a functioning point system, many places of Hogwarts to role play.

146640 Vote Comments
14Screenshot of Live the Magic

Live the Magic

A friendly RPG forum taking place a few decades after the Second Wizarding War. One can create their own character and attend to Hogwarts classes or become a professor, play Quidditch, try to win the Duelling Trophy and even join the Potions club. One can

1293,101 Vote Comments
15Screenshot of Rebuilding Hogwarts Online

Rebuilding Hogwarts Online

We are a Post Potter, Trifecta school that has no sorting app. Easy to follow rules and so many opportunities to join our site!

123685 Vote Comments
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