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List Name Sites Votes Hits Created
Downloads Sites Top List111555,818Apr 5th 2008
G&F Topsites121541,431Jan 1st 2007
Rune Library Topsite4615312,757Jul 4th 2007
GThotel fansites51521,107Apr 6th 2008
Halo 3 Top Sites211518,453Jul 11th 2007
sergeim181496,686Mar 26th 2008
Habbo retros281477,428Jul 2nd 2008
PSP Portals121456,399May 19th 2008
Habbo Retro Hotel241403,740Sep 19th 2008
Top 200 GunZ111405,797Oct 23rd 2009
Top10041393,855Aug 23rd 2008
Best Habbo Fansites231372,402Jun 5th 2009
Gunz3130612Jun 21st 2009
RomeScape TopSite List51271,126Apr 26th 2008
Star Trek Universe51271,209Aug 6th 2009
Top Private Servers71222,690Jan 2nd 2009
video games151165,555Jul 15th 2006
Steve's Top Efeds141148,426Jan 23rd 2008
Worl of warcraft server list91143,021Feb 12th 2007
How To Build A Habbo Retro901068,558Dec 26th 2007
Top Gunz Servers41045,432Nov 15th 2008
Bounty Hunters71031,277Feb 10th 2008
Habbo Retro Top Site81021,582Nov 29th 2008
Gunz Online Topsite1239411,275Jan 29th 2009
Foruns Tugas4922,345Jun 25th 2010
Crystal Valley5911,211Jun 18th 2009
TdgNeo7901,758Jun 4th 2006
MMORPG topas28889Feb 10th 2008
ReTrOs Love388405Feb 4th 2009
Habbo26871,814Jan 23rd 2009
Uncensored2885364Aug 11th 2007
RuneChat33856,502Apr 23rd 2006
PrivatServersGunz785900Oct 1st 2008
Dreamy Passions49844,971Aug 26th 2006
Nintendo WiFi23835,884Jun 27th 2008
Horror forums783638Jul 6th 2009
Insatiable Sims Top 202821,430Jun 9th 2006
Top Habbo Retros Of 2008987912,370Jan 10th 2008
Shocking Habbo Retros12751,277Dec 21st 2009
Slorg Topsites7751,228Mar 6th 2007
Saiyan Blood173284Mar 7th 2009
Mafia1168199Nov 5th 2009
XtremeTop20014683,684Nov 27th 2008
MUSİTEMLİST265863Dec 30th 2010
Adoptables Central51657,458Jun 24th 2009
El Top de Allao6652,115May 11th 2008
MMORPG Games Top Site9641,582Aug 1st 2007
GunZ8633,233Oct 26th 2008
Mu.FeaR7601,771Feb 3rd 2008
Welcome to C00lesT 100!!!!8571,833Feb 20th 2009

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Stock Trading Forums Top Ten

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European Social And Political Studies Sites- Top Ten

European Social And Political Studies Sites- Top Ten

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Sewing Enthusiasts Sites Top Ten

Sewing Enthusiasts Sites  Top Ten

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Anime Sites Top Ten

Anime Sites  Top Ten

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Billiards and Pool Sites Top Ten

Billiards and Pool Sites  Top Ten

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UFO-Alien Sites- Top Ten

UFO-Alien Sites- Top Ten

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Green Apps- Top ten

Green Apps- Top ten

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SAT Math Revision sites Top Ten

SAT Math Revision sites  Top Ten

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Black Hat SEO Sites And Forums- Top Ten

 Black Hat SEO Sites And Forums- Top Ten

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Sleep Help Sites Top Ten

Sleep Help Sites  Top Ten

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