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List Name Sites Votes Hits Created
The Niche Site List13281,873Feb 3rd 2009
Law of Attraction Toolbox13271,571Dec 14th 2009
A Junkee Shoppe Junk Shop Store 29272,742Dec 16th 2009
HeartfeltPerfections727971Jul 7th 2010
Sea Dogs Beach Top List17262,129Feb 19th 2009
Posh 'n Savvy Family Sites24256,223Jun 7th 2006
Head Shop Top 10010252,242Mar 10th 2008
Sweet Boutiques724663Aug 26th 2006
Nuts About Tees7231,516Mar 5th 2007
Lextrading Jewelry n Crafts Top Shops22234,826Mar 11th 2007
Bridal Boutiques30227,028Feb 2nd 2006
Cottage Whimsy26226,339Nov 27th 2006
CCs Top Shopping Sites321937Mar 15th 2008
Top 100 Alternative fashion29211,503Jun 2nd 2008
Top Shopping Directories39205,944Oct 26th 2007
Favorite Things7201,336Feb 21st 2007
GJILANI - TOP6193,444May 17th 2007
Labelladiva Cool Shops218604Oct 14th 2006
Simply Adorable Too43169,576Oct 15th 2008
OhSoTrueTShirts314265Dec 14th 2010
Snips 'n Snails10143,585Feb 6th 2006
The Pink Birdhouse314836Nov 10th 2008
Headbands and Fashion Jewelry13132,258Aug 9th 2007
Michaels Closet64137,419Apr 22nd 2006
Prima Princezza9122,952Sep 15th 2007
Ecom Shops412873Oct 18th 2006
Obama Mamas16123,766Nov 7th 2008
burgerkingsucks151110,922Dec 20th 2005
telekontor511505Sep 20th 2008
For the Home311343Aug 28th 2009
Christmas Gifts131189Jul 1st 2008
DJ Seller4972May 19th 2008
The Cottage Look1291,401Oct 19th 2006
Cheesecakes29490Mar 2nd 2008
Mom And Pop Shops185Aug 28th 2013
The Best Teapots771,601Oct 17th 2006
Holiday Faire872,489Nov 26th 2008
Best Free Auctions47371Feb 19th 2008
Local Shoppers37453Jun 22nd 2008
Retail Therapy Lounge1063,315Oct 25th 2008
Top 100 Steampunk Sites156501Aug 24th 2008
Jewel House Rock862,186Mar 6th 2008
racing oils36680Apr 8th 2008
Sitios TOP de Negocios551,171Dec 30th 2007
Enchanted Ones55629Sep 5th 2009
Posh Lifestyle1154,976Nov 25th 2008
WesternPalamino45455Oct 11th 2009
World top liste 100045267May 31st 2008
Top Sites for Collectibles252,733Dec 31st 2006
gemstones pearls74766Mar 19th 2008

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