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List Name Sites Votes Hits Created
Anime Sites and Forums1,234367,277253,021Feb 4th 2006
Movies Sites, Forums, Resources and Reviews588108,2501,239,541Feb 17th 2008
Webcomics, Adventures and cartoons39690,498207,359Feb 14th 2008
Efeds sites and forums1,42569,078261,874Jul 29th 2007
Random General Cool Sites16955,07554,021Jul 4th 2006
Top Efederation List.81845,787280,365Jul 24th 2007
Top Wrestling Sites52832,378227,048Dec 6th 2008
Paranormal United Top Sites16032,16345,595Oct 2nd 2006
Wrestling Efeds forums, blogs, hints and tip sites41230,26497,954Aug 17th 2007
Neotopia Neopets Topsites37625,884434,809Apr 17th 2006
Chris Hart's Top eFeds1,08825,515206,729Mar 15th 2007
Honeydukes15122,71044,314Apr 1st 2007
Top 50 Lion King Sites14118,966209,992Oct 12th 2005
Teens Sites and Chat rooms259,2984,752Sep 22nd 2009
StarClan Prophecies Topsites4418,888122,238Jul 18th 2007
E-Fed Resources4058,33173,988Aug 30th 2007
Teen Chats Top Site List 197,27133,257Sep 18th 2009
Shadow of DBZ1034,84248,710Aug 3rd 2007
Top Video Sites154,3982,322May 13th 2007
Funny Sites and Videos134,2401,237Mar 24th 2007
Fear The Dead's Top Horror Sites434,1857,512Sep 5th 2007
All Forum Chat1253,88222,121May 21st 2007
WWE Revolution E-Fed2233,77935,485Feb 19th 2007
Cool Australian Sites873,48365,841Sep 5th 2006
Hunger Games Sites, Blogs and Forums603,26123,865Jul 14th 2009
Music Sites, Blogs and Forums633,13220,587Oct 2nd 2007
Bespelled352,98720,568Aug 11th 2007
Kimmies Korner142,7328,705Mar 13th 2008
Anime Heaven962,55228,077Mar 8th 2006
Top Boards and Forums382,03018,198Aug 15th 2006
Disney Stories221,9934,145Jan 28th 2006
Elektro Anime Top Sites491,80811,830Aug 23rd 2008
Aliens UFOs Top 100 Alien UFO TopSites521,73722,936Jul 22nd 2006
WrestlingZone401,4188,128May 26th 2008
Efeds Forums291,3695,248Jul 29th 2007
Top Active Efeds921,35820,880Aug 14th 2007
Anime & Gaming 281,17213,646Jul 5th 2006
toplist 1000551,01012,742Apr 22nd 2008
Super Smash Bros Brawl Top 100 Clan Sites 5398426,363Aug 26th 2009
Elite Wrestling E-Fed List5686728,141Mar 13th 2008
agencija027288259,285Oct 13th 2008
~All Forums~2057547,840Sep 30th 2007
Top 200 Games7678314May 30th 2007
Yusuf's Best eFeds12653721Dec 27th 2014
Twilight Warriors346466,666Mar 1st 2009
WOMEN WRESTLING 100126369,266Aug 3rd 2008
streaming media226102,848Dec 3rd 2006
CHAK DE INDIA2455639,052Dec 1st 2008
TMNT Topsites1653420,020Jun 26th 2009
Best Chat Forums Online185001,411Jun 15th 2006

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Web Design Blogs Top Ten

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Tourism Sites - Top Ten

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Online Shopping Sites Top Ten

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Cricket Fan News Sites - Top Ten

Cricket Fan News Sites - Top Ten

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Anime Sites Top Ten

Anime Sites  Top Ten

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Spam Resistant Software Top Ten

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