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List Name Sites Votes Hits Created
Best birding sites and forums93397,057294,378Jan 6th 2007
Top Rabbit Sites6993,47546,419Jun 8th 2007
Pets and animal sites, blogs and forums35358,035146,374Oct 14th 2006
Yorkshire Terriers sites6938,65278,814Jun 26th 2007
Top 100 Cavy Breeders49928,922287,286Oct 9th 2006
Worldwide Poodles All Sizes All Colors13924,64889,145Apr 15th 2007
All Things Fish and Oceans8117,44038,851Aug 24th 2006
Best of Forums TopList15610,26628,628Apr 16th 2006
Dog Sites and Resources1559,78337,534Jun 1st 2006
Gecko Sites and Resources2666,68229,176Jun 4th 2006
Parrot Sites, Blogs and Forums445,36769,057Sep 24th 2006
Rottweiler Breeders1005,020186,620Feb 24th 2007
JAMROCK BIRDS Top Site List2334,68428,090Jun 9th 2007
Feathers & Fur884,44436,518Jun 30th 2006
Baby / Newborn Sites964,12216,134Apr 10th 2007
Homeschool Haven913,93451,850Sep 5th 2006
Westies (Dog Breed)403,74617,146Mar 15th 2007
Rabbit Breeders Sites and Forums1883,56572,302Dec 20th 2006
Natural Home & Family893,40521,063Nov 21st 2005
Rabbit Sites382,56824,456Jun 3rd 2007
Bird Sites and Forums142,0857,981Jan 20th 2008
Brilliant Bird Sites 252,0056,127Feb 5th 2007
WebHerp761,52717,753Feb 22nd 2006
Guinea Pig and Animal Site591,39728,274Jul 6th 2007
Mini Lop rabbits711,03434,061Sep 14th 2007
Haynes Pit Bulls Top Sites6083130,866Feb 16th 2006
Rottweiler Breeders World Wide3382716,920Oct 24th 2007
Labradoodle Websites298233,396Sep 26th 2006
Romantic Homes & Gardens7766919,187Jan 24th 2006
Cottage Style4653419,234Jan 25th 2006
Best Home Decor Resources895159,637Jan 8th 2006
German Rottweiler Breeders155064,739Apr 4th 2008
Rainforest TopSites84236,458Nov 12th 2009
Coastal Cottage Chic5140650,585Jan 30th 2006
Breeders Listing193945,939Feb 17th 2007
The-Kats-Whiskers Top Pet Sites2838910,648Nov 18th 2008
Cowboy Up3538314,576Jun 27th 2006
Top English Cocker Spaniels103635,094Oct 13th 2005
crazy4pets5261927Dec 18th 2007
Blogs by Moms112524,461Apr 12th 2006
Parson Russell Terrier62351,447Mar 27th 2007
World of Cane Corso122341,614Feb 4th 2006
Italian Cane Corso231936,474Oct 18th 2006
Elegant Home291837,825Nov 29th 2005
Dutch Rabbits151836,463Jun 22nd 2007
Reptile Breeders151594,706Jun 9th 2007
Cats and All141422,508Dec 22nd 2007
Breedershost141413,576Jan 8th 2007
Fur Fancy 10071333,302Jun 26th 2007
PoshnSpunky Pets361088,525Feb 26th 2008

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