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124Screenshot of WWE Corporate

WWE Corporate

WWE Corporate is the newest fed around and were looking for our champions for Raw, Smackdown and ECW. If you wanna become the greates champion around then come here and maybe bring your friends along aswell

018169 Vote Comments

Universal Wrestling Alliance

The newest e.fed to hit the scenes, with alot to give and alot to offer with new shows and new face and with a story line in progress already. Check it out now the only thing missing is you.

018199 Vote Comments

WCW: ResureXion

WCW: ResureXion...Shane McMahon brought back his old Federation...WCW. Many Superstars are free...feel free to join as your Favourite Superstar or as a CAW.

018141 Vote Comments
124Screenshot of -ll-W W E-ll-T R A G E D Y-ll-

-ll-W W E-ll-T R A G E D Y-ll-

Brand new Federation that is under construction at the moment, but once we are up and running we will let you know. So Pre-register so that you can be ready for all the action in WWE Tragedy

018133 Vote Comments

Anarchy Wrestling Mayhem

AWM is a match-writing based fed. You write a full match where you superstar wins, the better match writer will win. This fed is equal opportunity. CAWS & Real Superstars allowed, join as your superstar's name please.

01732 Vote Comments
125Screenshot of All-Star Championship Wrestling

All-Star Championship Wrestling

ACW reopens after a 6 to 7 month hiatus. Originally opened in 2000 under the title UCW, ACW is a angle/storyline based fed that we will promise great competition, professional and well thought out results(no sim results ever) as well as a friendly OOC atm

017342 Vote Comments


This is one of the best and proud to say that this e-fed will work and wont die. Come and cheak it out, this Efed is brand new and is looking for members and thats u, so come on and apply. We dont use created wrestlers, we use real wrestlers for i.e Rey

0171,056 Vote Comments



The new TNA E-Fed on the block. Owned by former CO-Owner of WWE2000. Bringing back the casual style to e-fedding.

017341 Vote Comments

Extreme South Wrestling

La Unica E-Fed en español de la Lista... ¿Te Atreves a Entrar?... llevamos poco tiempo!!

01744 Vote Comments

::::|WWE The New Era|::::

New e-fed on this rise! Lots of big names still open yet one of the fastest growing feds out there. And looking to become one of the best. We have good GFXers, awesome Role-plays so far, and a friendly and expeirenced Staff. So join and be apart of the le

017314 Vote Comments

XNA Retribution

XNA Retribution

This Site is Xtreme and its Non-Stop Action..Hardcore Rulz Hardcore Fun...So Join today while you still can! In XNA only the most Xtreme survive! Are you Xtreme?

01749 Vote Comments

WWE Expiration

Hot new fed, that will blow you off your seats. WWE Expiration host of a great staff, and great members. It doesn't matter if you are a TNA fan, WWE fan, or anything else, join the family today!

01774 Vote Comments

WWE Elite

WWE Elite

Join WWE Elite

017118 Vote Comments
126Screenshot of EWC East

EWC East

EWC East, is a Created Wrestler E-Fed. We are looking for devoted members willing to Roleplay at least once a week. We have lots of great people on the fed at the momment and are looking for more. We have one PPV a month and 6 titles to contend for. Come

116275 Vote Comments


Join Today!!!!!! WWF:Respect!!!!! The F is back and its ready to play some HardBall against the best feds out there and win.~!!!!

016274 Vote Comments
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