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Albany Wrestling Alliance

Albany Wrestling Alliance

The AWA is a part time e-fed. This fed was created for people who can only roleplay part time. There will be a max of 4 roleplays per week limit, unless you and the person you are roleplaying against make a different limit(ex: you could talk to the person

014298 Vote Comments

{WWE Attitude}

WWE Attitude is back we were shut down once before but now we are back we have a great GFX team,Great match writers and great Members and GM's Sihn Up Today

014472 Vote Comments

The NWWC - New Wave Wrestling Championships

We're a brand new fed, with an owner with 5 years experience. I've never been late before, and I don't plan on starting anytime soon!

014271 Vote Comments

WWE Armageddon

Chaos will be let loose in WWE Armageddon. WWE Armageddon is for those who loves to write the matches. We have an excellent Out of Character section! You can have up to 2 superstars as well! Hurry before your superstar is taken!

01486 Vote Comments

Xtreme Wrestling Action

Xtreme Wrestling Action

Fairly New Fed Many, Many Highclass superstars still availble!

01446 Vote Comments


ECWA Efed : Bring back extreme we are a roleplay based efed with some top notch rpers we have one show a week and one ppv a month we have five championships and some good staff members

014413 Vote Comments
127Screenshot of Global Wrestling Federation

Global Wrestling Federation

GWF is a fast rising fed on piczo we already have over 100 superstars and we have only been open for around 3 weeks maybe a little bit more and we always welcome new members

01469 Vote Comments
128Screenshot of WWE Rebirth

WWE Rebirth

[img][/img] New site still under construction

013236 Vote Comments
128Screenshot of {::WWE Extreme Kaos::}

{::WWE Extreme Kaos::}

WWE Extreme Kaos, a brand new fed that is ready to change the future of e-fedding. GFX are in plenty, The best management around, The best results week in and week out, Big names are available at the moment such as Mr. Kennedy, Batista, and John Cena. Sta

013356 Vote Comments

WWE Legacy

WWE Legacy aims to bring about the fun and enjoyment of all the old and now considered great efeds. With combined members of the best of efeds like Smackdown Vs Raw, Showdown, The Future Awaits, And WWE Rules, we are the best efed about!

013262 Vote Comments


A new fed just opened, helpful staff, friendly enviroment.

013281 Vote Comments

Gods of Wrestling

Gods of Wrestling

Very good efed, lots of great talent, looking for some more DEDICATED rpers to join a family type atmosphere.

01330 Vote Comments

WWE Stricken

Great New fed, experienced owners, Great GFX Makers Brand New!

01345 Vote Comments

||-() WWE Legendary ()-||

90 members in 4 days, Great GFX, Great Staff, Great Rpers, 'Nuff Said.

01358 Vote Comments
128Screenshot of New Breed Online Wrestling

New Breed Online Wrestling

XBox 360 E-federation. Guarenteed title shots; very fun.

01338 Vote Comments
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