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70Screenshot of .::UCWF E-Fed::.::The Best Fed In The Universe::.

.::UCWF E-Fed::.::The Best Fed In The Universe::.

This is an efed for both real and created wrestlers. We just re-opened after some time off, so come and check us out. We have 10+ years efeding experience.

0871,160 Vote Comments



The return of the great RPW! With a relaxed timetable and innovative RP system, it's the fed anyone can be apart of. Bring the hardcore action of RPW into your life! Join now!

184302 Vote Comments

World Revolutionary Wrestling

Great Role-Players, been running since 2005. One of the best e-feds around.

084846 Vote Comments

WWE e-Federation

We are what we say we are....and that is the very best out there PERIOD!

084924 Vote Comments

[W]orld [C]hampionship [W]restling: Back In The Sattle!

[W]orld [C]hampionship [W]restling: Back In The Sattle!

A professional, fun fed, with the most experienced RP'ers on the net. Don't be a noob and go to those WWE: [Sub Name Here] feds, join where there's actual competition.

081647 Vote Comments



Updated 7-11-14; Several e-fed owners have come together to create a new e-fed experience; NXT. Reserve your superstar today. (real wrestlers only)

179395 Vote Comments

Championship Wrestling Organization

Championship Wrestling Organization

Going on 11 years and still strong, this federation definatley knows what a true e-fed experience is!

079646 Vote Comments
74Screenshot of HonorVerse


Whenever Edge & Christian start a company and a chump challenge is made; it's Edge's Ring of Honor vs Christian's Impact Wrestling, whose side are you on?

178287 Vote Comments
75Screenshot of WWE_Recharghed


Recharged is back and better than ever

0761,715 Vote Comments

Universal Wrestling Federation

Universal Wrestling Federation (abbreviated of course as UWF) is the hottest up-and-coming fed around. It is filled with some amazing roster members, has several amazing shows you can be a part of and all round is a great e-fedding experience. So come reg

075771 Vote Comments
76Screenshot of TNA Knockout

TNA Knockout

Please join this new TNA fed! We have alot of main eventers left we allow TNA, WWE, Indy, and CAW! So everyone could join as a great wrestler!

075761 Vote Comments


The UFN is more than a fed itself. Our primary goal is to provide a place where role-players from all over can meet and compete. The Network offers you a chance to work with other feds in peace and recieve honest reviews and criticism of your weekly sho

074773 Vote Comments
78Screenshot of OWO Revival

OWO Revival

OWO Revival

OWO Revival is reopening, it was open almost 10yrs ago. but me and another want to bring it back

172307 Vote Comments

WWE Enigma

WWE Enigma is one of those sites that just bring out the best in people, it has great roleplayers, great GFX and more than ever before have great Members and great Staff!

070874 Vote Comments

WWE Destiny Untold

WWE Destiny Untold is a brand new fed.. We may be new but we are aiming to be the best, We have loads of superstars and Divas free, get yourself over there before they go. We are a friendly and nice fed always looking for new members, Why wait? Get yourse

070516 Vote Comments
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