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TNT Wrestling!

A new CAW fed, looking for members. We may not have the most people right now, but we are going to be a really fun place once we start up. So please, try and join.

0342,458 Vote Comments

Uncensored Wrestling Inc!

Uncensored Wrestling Inc!

Brand new efed on the block looking for members, we accept both real and caw superstars. Uncensored Wrestling Inc! is the place for you because there is many things to do there plus we have some great stuff for all members, so if you are looking for so

0331,875 Vote Comments

McW>MaXimum Championship Wrestling

McW>MaXimum Championship Wrestling

Do you bleed green? We Do!

030287 Vote Comments

IWF Revolution

This is a Fed were you can be a real wrestler! We have 1 show so far, Monday Night Terror. Our limit of RPing is 3 per per wrestler. Join Now!

029226 Vote Comments

Rainbow Pro

Rainbow Pro

Pure CAW that has a group of e-fedders ready to show you that red is always first.

023217 Vote Comments

World Wrestling Headquarters

Welcome Everyone! We currently have 1 show and a bi-monthly PPV. We accept both CAW and real wrestlers. Join now and be part of history!

11615 Vote Comments
22Screenshot of TNA Welcome to The Impact!

TNA Welcome to The Impact!

TNA Welcome to The Impact!

010141 Vote Comments

Pure Wrestling Revival

Pure Wrestling Revival

Fusion Entertainment, Inc proudly presents it's newest company PWR. PWR is only a few months old but the activity and the competition has already been fierce! One show per week and a PPV every other month. Come check us members always welcomed!

010167 Vote Comments

American Wrestling Alliance

New federation in need of roleplayers real or fake allow.

01074 Vote Comments

TNA Wrestling

a Federation that has been opened for atleast 10 years. looking for the best that is out there. Do you have what it takes to be the champion come show us.

0968 Vote Comments

Rock on Wrestling

Rock on Wrestling

A new, laid back Efed that is CAW based to inspire creative story lines. Join us!!!

0599 Vote Comments

E.W.O: Extreme Wrestling Org.

The only Extreme site you'll ever see, join now and put some fool into the dirt.

04249 Vote Comments
25Screenshot of WWE-Alive


WWE-Alive is the newest E-Fed on the internet, With two brands, Raw and Smackdown, Raw GMs are Stephanie and Shane McMahon and Smackdown GM is Teddy Long. Make sure to join because all current wwe stars from Raw, ECW, Smackdown and TNA are on the two bran

04182 Vote Comments

WWE Revoulution

This is a new efed with lots of spaces left.. you can be CAWS ad real wrestlers.. We alwys have space for more.

03205 Vote Comments

Legacy Championship Wrestling (LCW)

Legacy Championship Wrestling (LCW)

Do you have what it takes to make it to Saturday Night Showdown? A hot fresh new e-fed that features avalible superstars from WWE, TNA, ROH, and of course you can make a CAW.

03268 Vote Comments
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