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FSF (Fantasy/SciFi) Top Site List

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FSF (Fantasy/SciFi) Top Site List
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30Screenshot of Lost Worlds Sci-Fi and Fanasy Forum

Lost Worlds Sci-Fi and Fanasy Forum

Lost Worlds is a multi fandom site hosting RPG's as diverse as Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis, to Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and The Forgotten Realms.

163290 Vote Comments
31Screenshot of The Mad Verse of J. D. Nelson

The Mad Verse of J. D. Nelson

The Mad Verse of J. D. Nelson

Bizarre and experimental poetry - speculative poetry - metaphysical and dream-inspired poetry

162671 Vote Comments
32Screenshot of Ambiance Fantastique

Ambiance Fantastique

Portail du récit fantastique. Portrait des créatures de la littérature fantastique. Théorie, nouvelles fantastiques, résumés, galeries. Fantasy novels, writings, creatures, and galeries

160542 Vote Comments
33Screenshot of Remnants of Injustice

Remnants of Injustice

Remnants of Injustice

We are a forum based RP site around a custom setting.ROI is an exciting new fantasy rp site, involving many origonal races. The site itself is geared around prisoners on a prison colony of Insidion and the ever more attempts to escape.

156412 Vote Comments
34Screenshot of Midnight Passions

Midnight Passions

Midnight Passions

Life on Midnight Isle is an erotic adventure. But it can also be perilous. Dark romance. Adult role-play fantasy chat. Release Your Inner Beast.

152498 Vote Comments

USS Atlantis

Exciting Star Trek/SG1 missions, people and planets never seen before in space, This new Sovereign-B starship glides with silence, grace. Experienced crew return and IF they're ever done, The Atlantis legend has begun and will continue on.

151536 Vote Comments
35Screenshot of Welcome To My Universe

Welcome To My Universe

Welcome To My Universe

Here is a collection of my favorite Scifi & fantasy jokes, stories, poems, articles & websites.

151411 Vote Comments
36Screenshot of Imporia: Opus Dei

Imporia: Opus Dei

Welcome to Imporia, a semi-literate+ Quad/bipedal AU werewolf role-play like never before. For many years there was peace between them, but the tides are changing!

150338 Vote Comments

The Angelverse RP

The Angelverse RP

An AU Angel/Buffy/Supernatural RP.

045494 Vote Comments
38Screenshot of Riverdale



Amadaus has found a way to harness the power of Sunnydale's hell mouth. Sam & Dean come to help Buffy & gang to stop him. Archie&Gang are dealing with other drama. Can they stop their enemies in time?

141289 Vote Comments
39Screenshot of Parlez Pirate

Parlez Pirate

Parlez Pirate

A pirates role play based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Movie-based characters and original welcome. We are historically accurate.

040826 Vote Comments
40Screenshot of Fantasysisters


Fantasy, sci-fi,, crafts & more

035559 Vote Comments
41Screenshot of The Ultimate

The Ultimate

The best Buffy/Angel RPG/Fandom on the net. With Buffy no longer being the "chosen one" she thought she was going to get a vacation. She should know better. She should know... that it never ends... Vampires, Slayers and Demons, Oh my!

034444 Vote Comments
42Screenshot of DJA5



talk about games,tamagotchis,music & many many more

033975 Vote Comments
43Screenshot of Keep the Magic Secret

Keep the Magic Secret

Keep the Magic Secret

BBC Merlin based RPG opened 2008. Now that Arthur is King, he must learn to recognise that not all enemies are outside his gates, sometimes the most dangerous ones are already inside.

131319 Vote Comments
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