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FSF (Fantasy/SciFi) Top Site List
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Consequences Of Choice

Consequences Of Choice

Two people who were never destined to meet cross paths and rewrite not only their own destinies but countless others. Now they must face off with justified evil, racial and social prejudice, hypocrisy and the consequences of their own choices.

03366 Vote Comments
61Screenshot of Battlestar Atlantis

Battlestar Atlantis

Battlestar Atlantis is a Fan-based RPG online community based on the Battlestar Galactic universe.

02525 Vote Comments
61Screenshot of The Great Mutant X Fansite Directory

The Great Mutant X Fansite Directory

The Great Mutant X Fansite Directory

A database of international Mutant X links, The Directory also includes a guide to the series, episode transcripts, and cast and crew interviews.

02427 Vote Comments
62Screenshot of PlanetHero RPG

PlanetHero RPG

PlanetHero RPG

PlanetHero Universe is a board based RP. Be the Super Hero or the Vile Villian. All levels RPers welcome. The only limitation is your own imagination.

01425 Vote Comments
62Screenshot of The Legendary

The Legendary

The Legendary

The Legendary is a Pokémon Role Play board. Make your own character, train your Pokémon, role play on every region, go to school, capture Pokémon, and more! Also come to hangout on the c-box and post your art in your locker. Hope to see you here! ;D

01370 Vote Comments
62Screenshot of Wolverine Boots

Wolverine Boots

Wolverine Boots

01402 Vote Comments
62Screenshot of Pollz' Writing Blog

Pollz' Writing Blog

Free fantasy, scifi, and modern day ebooks and short stories to read online.

01505 Vote Comments
63Screenshot of Life, The Universe, and Sci-Fi

Life, The Universe, and Sci-Fi

A Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog of news and opinion. I discuss movies, TV, books, comics and more.

00356 Vote Comments
63Screenshot of

ReignOfBlood is a free vampire based online game. Join today and become the #1 vampire

00320 Vote Comments

Star Wars: Rise of the Force

Rise of the Force is a message board role play taking place twenty-four years after Return of the Jedi. It's a para/multi-para ("advanced") long term game.

00346 Vote Comments
63Screenshot of Airia


Airia is an original anime-themed rpg where magic meets technology on a contenent where evil and tyranny reigns supreme. It's up to an originazation called Lavina who are seen as terrorists to bring hoper and light back to Airia.

00340 Vote Comments
63Screenshot of Star Trek: Andromeda

Star Trek: Andromeda

Set twenty-five years after the Dominion War, ANDROMEDA is the story of the Federation's return to the ideals on which it was founded, to exploration and diplomacy, to a mission of peace, discovery, and communication. The USS Odyssey and a small fleet of

00352 Vote Comments
63Screenshot of Brigade of Heroes

Brigade of Heroes

Brigade of Heroes

Brigade of Heroes! please enjoy your time at the forums. Our rpg is open and ready so if anyone would like to join the go ahead. You could even create a location. If we like your RPG, you'll be sure to like ours!

00319 Vote Comments
63Screenshot of Cliff's Homepage

Cliff's Homepage

Official website of science ficiton author Cliff Ball

00329 Vote Comments
63Screenshot of SciFi Gate

SciFi Gate

SciFi Gate

A science fiction community dedicated to the discussion on sci-fi tv shows and movies. We also encourage users to post their own ideas for sci-fi shows, including their concept art. The users of SciFi Gate are the inventors of sci-fi

00318 Vote Comments
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