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Home to ranked and unranked clan matches. With 2 full time ladders one for Halo3 and the other for MW2. We have over 30,000 members and a active day to day forum

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360-HQ.Com - Xbox 360 Achievements, News & Rumors, Games and Trailers

360-HQ.Com - Xbox 360 Achievements, News & Rumors, Games and Trailers

Website provides halo 3 xbox 360 achievements, halo Xbox 360 trailers, xbox live leaderboard, halo screenshots, images, game info, forums, tutorials, downloads, cheats, codes, xbox 360 downloads, latest news , 360 game reviews , tutorials, xbox 360 modchi

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4s Company

We are a Halo 3 clan that plays in tournaments and looking for good recruits to try out. We are friendly and play for fun.

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Halo 3 Gamerz

Halo 3 Gamerz

Were a halo 3 gaming community and clan.

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A Halo 3 Multiplayer Strategy Guide covering maps, weapons, vehicles, equipment, medals, ranks and most all of the awesome Halo 3 multiplayer universe. exists to make it easy to share multiplayer Halo 3 Tips among us. This while advocating

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SS Free

The world's largest community.

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6Screenshot of *Brand New**Halo 3 & CoD**GAMERSTAKES

*Brand New**Halo 3 & CoD**GAMERSTAKES

*Brand New**Halo 3 & CoD**GAMERSTAKES

Brand new clan! Looking for more members, Moderators, and administrators. Payed $50 So far, estimating on spending around $500-$1000 in 1-2 years if clan is still running.

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The Tomkat Clan

Beginning in July of 2009, The TK Clan began. It started off as a little joke, but the claws came out and things got messy. The expression 'cat fight' changed to 'kat fight' as The TK Clan began to start up some competition on the matchmaking lobbies.

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UNSC Fitzroy

We got lots of Security peoples, anyone want to fly it? Imagine, flying a ship through outer space, guiding it in-between asteroids, narrowly avoiding, making the captain love you. Or of course, you could just go from point A to point B...Whatever you

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A site that provides you with Halo related stats and discussions. We are awesome!

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11Screenshot of H3G


we pwn and we own

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BulletProofWater (BPW)

--WE NEED YOU!!-- We are needing some members in our clan REAL bad we need the best of the best! We have some good people in our clan and we need some more because we have a rival clan and they are pretty good as well. They are liers though! So plz join

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GamersVision Network

League , Tournaments , Ladders , Prizes , Now Hiring

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This is website that you can check all of your halo 3 and halo reach stats. Please stop and check us out.

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tracks halo 3 stats

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