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Pro Wrestling Entertainment

PWE is a brand new E-fed i have decided to open. I have been rping for a long time and since i quit that, i decided to open my own. We are looking for dedicated role-players who will stay active. Also looking for a GM and writers.

011159 Vote Comments

WWF Attitude

Did You miss those WWF Attitude days? The Hardcore legends, The Peoples Champ, and DX, how about the Rattlesnake.. Well WWF Attitude is back and better than ever!!

01196 Vote Comments


Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be taken for a ride! 3XW is the net's newest, most in-your-face fed around! 3XW is a project from Trent Connors. He hopes to bring hardcore, no holds barred entertainment and competition into the mainstream. Become a part

01140 Vote Comments

Fully Unleashed

Fully Unleashed is my new E-Fed. I just create it and I know it still needs some work, but I do think it's ready for members. Come and make a Contract to be a Champion.

01128 Vote Comments

Legendary Pro

This is a brand new, up-and-coming EFed for RPers of all different types of skills. Please join and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of a friendly staff and fun members. We have one show per week right now, and a PPV for each month of the year. Please Enj

01157 Vote Comments

Next Generation Wrestling

Next Generation Wrestling

NGW is back and better than ever, under it's ORIGINAL OWNERSHIP. Join NGW for the best e-fed experience out there

011345 Vote Comments

{ ~ WWE DOUX ~ }

A Great Efed with 2 great owners... A friendly Enviroment, Cards and Results up on time, Great and new GFX so go ahead and join! (We accept all kinds of Rping skills)

011126 Vote Comments

World Wrestling Impact

World Impact Wrestling is a new fed on the block that is on a mission to change the face of e-fedding. We promise a great fun site with agood atmosphere. We also promise a great acive fed with on time cards and high quality results. Join The Present and t

01136 Vote Comments

Pro Wrestling Ent

Pro Wrestling Ent

This fed is owned by Travis, Miki and Misa and we promise to take this fed and rise it to the top as the greatest fed ever!

011111 Vote Comments
141Screenshot of International Federation of Wrestling

International Federation of Wrestling

Join a newly revived federation with high quality graphics, and magnificent staff and join a fed that is owned by the one and only Brad! the GFX Gawd or so he likes to think...

01137 Vote Comments
141Screenshot of Michigan Wrestling Alliance

Michigan Wrestling Alliance

MWA may be new, but there is already a buzz about the potential of the company. With a weekly show, monthly PPVs, and an active OOC community, there is nothing negative about it. Join today and claim your spot in history.

01131 Vote Comments
141Screenshot of ECW Extreme Reunion

ECW Extreme Reunion

Welcome to ECW: Extreme Reunion, the only fed out there today solely concerned with past and present ECW talent.

011119 Vote Comments
142Screenshot of WWE The Next Level

WWE The Next Level

Welcome to WWE The Next Level. We are a brand new e-fed looking for members to join and make a very successful e-fed. We will start with one show which will be Monday Night RAW until we get enough members to start another show. Please sign up and don't mi

01048 Vote Comments

- British Wrestling Alliance -

The BWA is a new E-fed and is looking for members and staff. We are an angle/roleplay federation. Please come in and join!

01095 Vote Comments

Most Valuable Forum

Welcome to the forum! Here on Most Valuable Forum there are many great things. Such as we have an E-fed and we are currently looking for moderators that cna write matches adn you will be if you volenteer. There is also WWE, TNA, ROH, MMA ETC. Discussion o

01045 Vote Comments
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