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WWF Rebellion

WWF Rebellion is a New Efed Growing Everday we just Started this and are gettin members quickly, We Currently have 2 Admins that bring weekly updates and Results. Sign up now and Get the Wrestler you want before before He or She is gone.

01107 Vote Comments
151Screenshot of Smackdown vs RAW 2010: The Efed

Smackdown vs RAW 2010: The Efed

Be part of this experiment! Vince McMahon and The Bellas present their take on the popular "Smackdown vs RAW 2010" game. With great matches and roleplayers, its your world now!

0178 Vote Comments

WWF Redemption

I am here to present what will be the next big thing in the E-Fedding World, Reservations can be made by sending me a message on the email provided on the board note, Plus we currently need a gfxer because my novice skills will not lead to greatness -W

0180 Vote Comments


Freinly environment efed that has great admins and friendly members. We have on time results. We have 2 brands. Monday Night Mayhem, Friday Night Invasion.

0146 Vote Comments

WWF THe Last Stand

A Brand New E-Fed alot of superstars avilible need members.

0169 Vote Comments

WWE Reborn

WWE Reborn will be one of the best E-feds, but it needs your help

0165 Vote Comments


its a resource site for fed heads and wrestlers, take a look and get signed up, i do requests too. Also looking for moderators and designers if anyone is interested.!

01100 Vote Comments

WWE Phoenix Style

WWE Phoenix Style is a new fed looking to get to the top of the E-Fed bissness.

0161 Vote Comments

Real Action Wrestling

RAW is a new fed that recently opened and we will be holding our first how as soon as we have five more members. We are a fun fed with a laid back fun loving OOC area and quality, on time results.

0127 Vote Comments

Total Nonstop Entertainment

A new federation opening up after the Monday Night Wars destroyed the two empires. And from the ashes comes TNE. Filled with a great line of staff and a solid storyline in place. Think you know everything about feds? We're about to make you forget!

0173 Vote Comments

||| WWE Wounded |||

We Open Doors On March 7th Of 2008, Make Your Reservations Before There All Gone! Resevere At Vote 4 WWE Wounded!

0163 Vote Comments

World Wrestling Entertainment Doomsday

WWE Doomsday is a brand new fed. It hasnt opened up yet but it will be soon. We have pleanty of open stars.

0173 Vote Comments

WCW Reborn

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0167 Vote Comments
151Screenshot of Ultimate Fighting Destruction

Ultimate Fighting Destruction

UFD is a Promo Based wrestling Federation. It is mainly based on Tag Teams.

0186 Vote Comments

Total Nostop Wrestling

Total Nonstop Wrestling is a new fed looking for great members! Our staff is friendly and cheery and well expeireinced! So come and make TNW your roleplaying home!

0179 Vote Comments
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