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59Screenshot of WWE Showdown

WWE Showdown

WWE Showdown

Words describe minimaly compared to your eyes. Click and check it out...

01382,474 Vote Comments

Albany Wrestling Alliance

Albany Wrestling Alliance

The AWA is a part time e-fed. This fed was created to for people who can only roleplay part time. We have been running for 8+ years so come and hang out with awesome people who love wrestling!

0135497 Vote Comments

WWE Exile

WWE Exile

A new WWE Based E-fed,with big Stars still available and accepts User Created Wrestlers. With a reliable staff, and dependable results and match cards.

01301,221 Vote Comments

WWE Warfare

WWE Warfare is a good and reliable e-fed, with good roleplayers in it.

01281,011 Vote Comments

WWE: Resurrection

WWE: Resurrection

Raw vs Nitro, Welcome to the 'Monday Night War!' We now have our own website! Since May 07 we've provided a quality roleplaying environment. Sister fed for CAWs now open!

01261,465 Vote Comments
64Screenshot of WWE Attitude 2011

WWE Attitude 2011

WWE Attitude 2011

New fed.. great staff.. plenty of big names still available.. awesome gfx.. come check us out!

0125831 Vote Comments

XCW: Unleashed

A new fed on the block with WWE characters and CAW's accepted, so come and join today to get in on the action

0122448 Vote Comments

E X O D U S Pro Wrestling

E X O D U S has been created by a 10 + year fed head veteran and is a puro fed. Come join the newest sensation. We guarantee we'll be 100% different than anywhere you've been before!

0119696 Vote Comments

WWE Hybrid

 WWE Hybrid

WWE Hybrid! Huge Spots still open!

01191,096 Vote Comments

Old School Wrestling

Tired of trying to find a good fed? Tired of putting in hard work and losing when you should be winning because the guy you are facing is more popular but not as good as you?Well look no further. Check out OSW! We am sure you won't be disapointed!

0118490 Vote Comments

Elite Wrestling Champions

An RP fed where the RPs determine the direction of the storylines! Lots of fun, lots of players!

0118540 Vote Comments
68Screenshot of WWE NexGen

WWE NexGen

WWE NexGen

The Nexgen of online effeding is upon us. Join today, before the generation passes you.

01131,112 Vote Comments

World Wrestling Alliance

The fed has just opened,. with a few features, no other efed has, check us out and join!

0112803 Vote Comments


RESERVE NOW! The hottest efed on the market opens August 22nd!

0111806 Vote Comments
71Screenshot of World Wrestling Enterprise

World Wrestling Enterprise

Sup this is a Cody and Luke Efed production. We are here to revolutionize the efed world in a complete 360 way. We Want our names to be in the Efed history books. But for the time being our number 1 goal is to bring you guys a brand new efeding experiance

01101,092 Vote Comments
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