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Welcome to Jaden's Top E-Feds!
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75Screenshot of Total Championship Wrestling

Total Championship Wrestling

TCW isn't about professional graphics, the right amount of forums, it's all about the PASSION! Passion for the business. If you don't have the passion then don't bother joining. Were getting rid of the Sports Entertainment Theme and bringing back what Wr

16552 Vote Comments

WWE Collision Course

A new and Exciting fed offering 2 shows, experienced owners, and Both Real And Created Wrestlers, come in and Join the fun today.

06247 Vote Comments

It's A Wrestling Rpg Site It's Fun And Full Of Excitement You Get To Make Up Matches And Write Your Own Storylines Good Luck because You Get Make Up Your Own Caw'S!

06150 Vote Comments

Bizarre Wrestling Federation

Bizarre Wrestling Federation

Roleplay Based Fed. Creativity welcome.

15125 Vote Comments

Professional Internet Wrestling Association

Its a mix of role playing and real wrestling over XBL right now it CAW base if we have enough then we can add the real in game wrestlers. It new something that I came up with and I hope that it can be fun

05104 Vote Comments

True Beauty Wrestling

An all diva fed!

05196 Vote Comments

Second City Wrestling

An efed by Brian, Rich, Tyota and Dan. All caws, weekly show.

0537 Vote Comments

WWE Homepage

Welcome to the newest homepage on the net! We're working to bring you the best competition, friendly staff members, graphics at their best, and much more. Looking to just have fun and enjoy some competition too? Then sign up today! It's free!

05243 Vote Comments

★ WWE; Wrestlemania ★

The grandest efed of them all

2447 Vote Comments


Hell's Gate Wrestling Alliance It is a new e-fed looking for good rpers. We believe in creating talent and promoting it.

0484 Vote Comments


we treat your fairly so join please join.CAWS welcome as well as real wrestlers from any wrestling show in real life

0482 Vote Comments

WWE Xposed

Join today! Not gonna waste time by taking reserves! First come first serve. *Note Sample RPs must reflect the abilities of said star. Real Wrestlers Only

04158 Vote Comments


A new beginning, a new dawn in e-fedding. Vince has passed; Shane has used the inheritance to purchase TNA Wrestling. What will happen with the new mix of TNA and WWE? Only you can help tell the story.

04171 Vote Comments
78Screenshot of The WWE


Brand New E-fed Looking for Loyal Staff Members and Loyal Roleplayers,

23123 Vote Comments
78Screenshot of WWEStandoff


Where Greatness happens

03114 Vote Comments
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