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Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

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A wild, wonderful place to find the best RP's out there! Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)
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105Screenshot of My Exile

My Exile

My Exile

Exiled from the world of the living, somewhere in nowhere Seattle, dwells the undead, some still alive. You hold your own fate, in this world filled with zombies.

02201 Vote Comments

The Great Camp Half-Blood

The Great Camp Half Blood is a Camp Half-Blood role play site,made especially for Percy Jackson fans.It takes place about 30 years after the books.There is one basic plot,where everyone can join in,but you can create/join your own small one.

118 Vote Comments

Fallout: New Vegas RPG

A website just starting out. Would really appreciate a helping hand around the site. Caesar of Caesar's legion position available!

1113 Vote Comments

Secret Wishes

Its three years after Reneesme was born and eveything has settled down. The Volturi went back t italy and all the vampires who wished to help the Cullens returned home too. Bella ,Edward and Nessie still live in the cabin next to the Cullen's mansion, hap

1120 Vote Comments
106Screenshot of Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding Supplements

1120 Vote Comments

Midnight Roleplayers

i nice roleplay site no set place

1133 Vote Comments

Unending Need

Unending Need

A unique Role-playing site based on an imaginative story the owner came up with. This Role-play takes place after a huge war between the human race and animals. Most humans retreated underground to get away, hiding below their old cities.

1143 Vote Comments

Wolves of the Woods

Hidden within the depths of virgin Russia, are five canine territories. And within these five territories, is a great conflict, growing like wild fire with each day's passing into a new. A violent conflict, that has brought grief, blood shed, and blinding

1124 Vote Comments
106Screenshot of Darker with the Day

Darker with the Day

We are an open-concept historical roleplay. We invite writers to create original characters for play in a time of extraordinary political and social change.

115 Vote Comments
106Screenshot of Moonlit Dream

Moonlit Dream

A light to heavy Roleplaying forum. It consists of varying skills from novice to experts and masters. We have just recently started up and are looking for new and active members, as well as staff possibilities.

1151 Vote Comments

Four Oaks Academy

Four Oaks Academy is a boarding school in California. Like most boarding schools, it is home to the rich, the wealthy, the scholarship students, and everything in between. Where will you fit in? Or will you?

1149 Vote Comments
106Screenshot of We Remain, A Roleplay Forum

We Remain, A Roleplay Forum

Enter the world of Asseralia, and make it your own. Continue the story of people who were devastated by the destruction brought on by the Warring states period.

115 Vote Comments
106Screenshot of JedivSith


A descriptive writing based RPG based on and around the whole Star Wars Universe.

1146 Vote Comments

Michigan Magic

Michigan School of Magic, RPG site for anyone aged 13 and over, RP as student, teacher, werewolf, Vampire, or even a job in the Government? or perhaps even a shop keeper, its up to you.

1139 Vote Comments

WTRP - We the Role Players

This is a site where people can meet and role play. There is no overarching world or storyline for this site. Instead, the RPs (role-plays) are divided into fan-based and original.

11263 Vote Comments
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