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Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

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A wild, wonderful place to find the best RP's out there! Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)
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Exile Revolution

An amazing RP site full of nice, experienced RPers!

1157 Vote Comments

Agaetí Blödhren

Eragon's legacy may be over, but yours is just beginning. Are you ready to take the plunge, Argetlam?

0144 Vote Comments

A e t e r n a

A e t e r n a

Aeterna is a brand new anime fantasy roleplay set in the afterlife. Aeterna is an alternate dimension where departed souls create their new existence. There are four kingdoms, a trades system, a housing system and others that make the experience truly imm

01215 Vote Comments
106Screenshot of Blood and Lust

Blood and Lust

Alrighty. So, ima break it down. A new up and coming place, where anything goes. You can be anything you want, vampire, witch, mobster cold blooded killer whatever you want to be you can be it here.

01278 Vote Comments


Zombies like you've never seen them before. It's been two years since the dead started to rise from their graves. People panicked and thought that this was just like the movies. But it's anything but. Join an active RP community Run by Sober

01445 Vote Comments
106Screenshot of Demon-Child-2


art posting and rp forum

0146 Vote Comments


RPCentral is a community and role-playing site for people who are looking for a welcoming community and various forms of role-playing topics.

01322 Vote Comments


Longshot is a literate role play set in the colorful & fascinating world of thoroughbred horse racing. Users may play as owners, trainers, jockeys, grooms or even the horses themselves.

0144 Vote Comments
106Screenshot of Wars of Equestria

Wars of Equestria

Wars of Equestria is a My Little Pony-based RPG, which is based on a Guard vs. Rebel scenario. After a war in which Celestia, Luna, and the Elements of Harmony were lost, Blueblood came up to be the new king. Unfortunately, he's terrible at it. Join in th

0192 Vote Comments
106Screenshot of Blood Ties

Blood Ties

Blood Ties

This is a E mail based Mafia RPG. This game will put you right into a super natural Mafia world that your eyes will never believe. The tough and smart will survive. The rest shall die. Join the family...if you're ready.

0185 Vote Comments

Once Upon A Time

Ever wonder what would happen if the characters of fairy tales were around today, well well they are here. Based off the hit TV show Once Upon a time, you can find out & tell your own story as well. The place is Storybrooke, Maine the town is populat

0187 Vote Comments

The Mystic Grotto

Roleplay based on anime, real life, or even video games! We also offer places to share your favorite youtube videos, your artwork or your fanfiction! There are also places for you to just relax and talk to other members if you don\'t feel like roleplaying

0185 Vote Comments

Hikari No Kage : Shadow Of Light

Hikari No Kage : Shadow Of Light

Hikari No Kage is a multi-themed vibrant new roleplay site! Run through the Pawed Paths with your wolven characters or struggle to survive within the Down Under, a world where the Earth's surface is no longer inhabitable. Can you handle it?

0186 Vote Comments

When Gravity Moves

When Edward and his family left Forks, abandoning Bella, she was a wreck. Bella started to return to herself the slightest bit when she began to hang with her friends and Jacob Black, her very best friend that cared about her in ways that she couldn't eve

0163 Vote Comments

World Of Fangs Rp

World Of Fangs!!! Live The Nightmare!!!!

0181 Vote Comments
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