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Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

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Amirite - Every Opinion Matters

A wild, wonderful place to find the best RP's out there! Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)
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The Kingdom Of Misery

The war between Dragons and Humans is raging, but who shall fall? Princess Skyla fights to the death, as well as the Dragons. But, will their beloved Kingdom die? Or.. Rule on?

0150 Vote Comments

Forever Forests

This is a fantasy, forest, animal roleplay. In need of members and staff.

01118 Vote Comments


Areyrith is a fantasy, medieval-based roleplaying site. Its a place where swords and magic combine in a world of adventure. The world of Areyrith has races of every kind and is rules by God/desses and royalty.

01464 Vote Comments
106Screenshot of End Parasite

End Parasite

End Parasite

A new Science Fiction RPG based during World War III.

01502 Vote Comments

Wheel of Time RPG

Wheel of Time RPG

A roleplaying forum where you can let your dreams of becoming a character in Robert Jordan's book series, The Wheel of Tim, come ALIVE!

01211 Vote Comments
106Screenshot of Forlorn Academy

Forlorn Academy

Forlorn Academy was originally created to train new super heroes and their sidekicks but after five years a bunch of super villains along with about a hundred henchmen took over half of the school making it a school for both villains and heroes alike.

01625 Vote Comments


It is 7 years after the Fallen was destroyed by Optimus Prime, but he was badly damaged and was enroute to recieve repairs when a transformer Optimus hasn't seen for over 3000 years arrived and took advantage of a badly hurt Prime. A short battle began wi

0051 Vote Comments

Dark Sight

A site were RPers can RP. You can do any type of RP you want. RPs are the main there, there are also clubs and may other things you can do her

0084 Vote Comments

Sunny Meadows

Sunnymeadows is a great roleplay site, from wolves and horses to vampires and demons, we satisfy every RPers dream

0034 Vote Comments
107Screenshot of Neo Vortex Legacy

Neo Vortex Legacy

"The number one Dragonball Related Verbal RP site! A new and uprising RPG is nearing completion, and all is missing is you! Create your character and build your ranks to become the best. Test your skills against the games number ones, or simply ai

0024 Vote Comments

The Nameless Change

The Nameless Change

A Medieval Fantasy Roleplay. Dark secrets, rewrites of history, lies, betrayal, a destiny that could end the world, and the question..."Fate is it written in stone?"

0035 Vote Comments

Talented Spirituosen

Most think that a pod of dolphins are unimportant and something to look past, but in truth can you really hold the honor of being a Talented Spirit. We deal with the realistic roleplay of Dolphins. We are serious in this matter, but having fun is mandator

0012 Vote Comments

Maximum Ride's Life

Here is hwere you can roleplay mutant Hybrids from the popular book series "Maximum Ride" by James Patterson.

0073 Vote Comments

Bleach At War. The Final Struggle

Bleach At War. The Final Struggle

Join the final struggle over the Hogyoku, a small sphere that has the capability of allowing any man's wish to come true. It is all out war some three hundred years after Aizen was defeated, and now everyone knows where he hid it. The site offers high

0017 Vote Comments


A primarily fantasy-based roleplay website that offers science fiction and stat-based roleplays as alternatives for action. This is a temporary description until I can think of something better.

0014 Vote Comments
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