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Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

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A wild, wonderful place to find the best RP's out there! Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)
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RP Anime&More

The name says it all

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An original intermediate RPG forum. Set in the fictional city Angelgates, there are other things that walk the streets -- fallen angels, demons, and nephilim. Become a nephilim and help get rid of the evil in our world, or join the fallen and demons and w

0016 Vote Comments
106Screenshot of Sapphire Realm Roleplaying

Sapphire Realm Roleplaying

A site for all your roleplaying needs. We have three levels in which to place your RP, as well as a Just For Fun section when, well, you just want to have fun. The site also includes a general discussion forum for non-roleplaying chatter.

0026 Vote Comments

Damaged Shuriken

I am currently making a roleplay site which is in need of members/staff. A good coder is also needed for the forum. I am the owner "SeikoDrake" Please vote and come join so that we may become the best naruto rp. I am in need of someone who can m

004 Vote Comments

Lupus Role-Play!

An active, fairly new wolf role-playing site. Members are on daily and the site's very user friendly. So why not take a trip on the wild side? Welcome to the pack.

0097 Vote Comments

Broken Skies

The past, the present, and the future. They hold the dreams, the memories, and the hopes of all. However, a calamity is nearing... The timeline is slowly beginning to falter, and there seems to be no way of stopping it. - - - - Broken Skies i

0013 Vote Comments

High School Roleplay Board

I have three, long, ongoing roleplay proboards that are open only to people I approve. One, the one above, is for High School roleplay. The other, is a Supernatural, and the third is a Medieval style roleplay. If you are interested, contact me for informa

0019 Vote Comments
106Screenshot of RP FOR EVERYONE


This site is designed to fit the needs of everyone. Whether you are a child or adult, whether you prefer real life RP to Fantasy, its all here, designed specifically for you!

0043 Vote Comments

Phoenix Roleplaying

We are a play-by-post site hosting many simulations including, Firefly, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, Middle Earth, Wheel of Time (coming soon!), Mass Effect, and others! Come check us out and join a sim!

0025 Vote Comments

RP World Group

Place for rps and authors.

0088 Vote Comments

Underground Night-Club

A modern fantasy/horror forum where secret societies fight one another, but can mingle with one another in a sanctuary of a night-club. Fight mystical beasts and evil monsters, or fight the other societies with guns, magics, swords and so much more, a

0042 Vote Comments
106Screenshot of Time Travel

Time Travel

Cheap Flights to Islamabad Pakistan and get the latest Flight Deals at Times Travel from all major Airlines and travel agents.

009 Vote Comments

Poketime- A great Pokemon RP!

Poketime is a great Pokemon RP that offers lots of unique features to make your RP experience the best! Register now to join in the fun!

0054 Vote Comments

Legend Of Zelda Broken Legends

Legend Of Zelda Broken Legends

a fantasy rp based on the legend of zelda games. this game takes place directly after orcriana of time and mojora's mask. exept in this rp the rules have been bent. the prohacy never could have fortold this.

0012 Vote Comments

Forbidden Games

The Forbidden Games started many years ago by the Twelve Olympians. Each clan, led by the respective god or goddess, selects clan members to compete in these games. Set in Olympia, Greece, the Games inspire friendships and good competition between the cla

009 Vote Comments
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