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Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

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A wild, wonderful place to find the best RP's out there! Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)
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107Screenshot of Hogwarts Unraveled

Hogwarts Unraveled

HU is a new site that needs students and teachers. It will be very active, unique, and fun once it gets a few members.

0018 Vote Comments

The Artist League

This website is for the purpose to host and promote underground or unrecognized drawing material.

0011 Vote Comments

Hogwarts Unraveled

What would happen if Voldemort won? What would happen if Harry was dead? Its up to you! Help save the wizarding world from evil! Teachers and students needed.

0015 Vote Comments

Omni Roleplay

Omni Roleplay is a free for all site! Feel free to have this brand new site to your advantage. You can post your stories and roleplay with whatever fantasies you desire!

0024 Vote Comments

Digital Revolution

DR is a single-thread RPG site. We don't do full-board RPs like most other places. At DR, things are put into two threads, sign up, and then the RP thread. This keeps things a bit more organized, is easier to navigate, and allows anyone to create an RPG p

0013 Vote Comments

Perawatan : Payudara, Rambut, Wajah dari Orang Luar Negeri

Apakah Anda masih bertanya-tanya tentang perawatan wajah gratis Paraben? Setiap kali Anda berbalik konsumen yang memperingatkan tentang bahaya parabens dalam produk kosmetik. Saya harus mengakui bahwa saya khawatir ketika saya mendengar bahwa para ilmu

0030 Vote Comments

Bleach: 1000 Year War

Bleach: 1000 Year War occurs in an alternate reality to that of the Bleach Manga/Anime. Here, the Quincy are not extinct, Ichigo and the other various characters never existed, and the story from the series never happened. Create your character and advent

0010 Vote Comments

RP World

We are a group of original interactive character storytellers whose stories span the realms and where words rule.

0029 Vote Comments

RP Anime&More

The name says it all

0031 Vote Comments



An original intermediate RPG forum. Set in the fictional city Angelgates, there are other things that walk the streets -- fallen angels, demons, and nephilim. Become a nephilim and help get rid of the evil in our world, or join the fallen and demons and w

0019 Vote Comments
107Screenshot of Sapphire Realm Roleplaying

Sapphire Realm Roleplaying

A site for all your roleplaying needs. We have three levels in which to place your RP, as well as a Just For Fun section when, well, you just want to have fun. The site also includes a general discussion forum for non-roleplaying chatter.

0029 Vote Comments

Damaged Shuriken

I am currently making a roleplay site which is in need of members/staff. A good coder is also needed for the forum. I am the owner "SeikoDrake" Please vote and come join so that we may become the best naruto rp. I am in need of someone who can m

007 Vote Comments

Lupus Role-Play!

An active, fairly new wolf role-playing site. Members are on daily and the site's very user friendly. So why not take a trip on the wild side? Welcome to the pack.

0099 Vote Comments

Broken Skies

The past, the present, and the future. They hold the dreams, the memories, and the hopes of all. However, a calamity is nearing... The timeline is slowly beginning to falter, and there seems to be no way of stopping it. - - - - Broken Skies i

0016 Vote Comments

High School Roleplay Board

I have three, long, ongoing roleplay proboards that are open only to people I approve. One, the one above, is for High School roleplay. The other, is a Supernatural, and the third is a Medieval style roleplay. If you are interested, contact me for informa

0022 Vote Comments
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