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Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

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A wild, wonderful place to find the best RP's out there! Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)
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109Screenshot of SAMECOIN


Four generations ago, two academies were built across the road from one another. One would go on to house the finest Superheroes the world would ever know. The other to raise infamous Supervillains that would terrorize humankind. A rivalry has always exis

00290 Vote Comments
109Screenshot of The Solar Zenith Clan

The Solar Zenith Clan

This is a teen Roleplaying Clan. You are free to Roleplay however you like here, as long as you abide by our rules. Teens 14-18 are welcome.

00273 Vote Comments


In the distant future, in the year the year 2600, Colony 6, a spaceship with a pre-established destination, with and objective to search for new forms of life, is forced to crash-land on an unknown planet, which causes the premature awakening of its crew.

00280 Vote Comments

Spirits of the Earth

Spirits of the Earth

Established on Dec. 13, 2000, SotE is a medieval high fantasy RPG set in a diverse and ever-expanding world, where magic runs wild, humans brush shoulders with fae and shifters and dragons alike, and where old ways are forever at odds with new.

00266 Vote Comments

Fantasy Woods

Fantasy Woods is a fantasy wolf forum roleplay you can make a pack,run the forest, swim,hunt, just any thing you want to.

00268 Vote Comments

Watchmen: Don't Call Us Heroes

Watchmen: Don't Call Us Heroes

The continuation of Watchmen the movie. A year later...the peace shatters with a knife.

00274 Vote Comments
109Screenshot of The Last World RPG

The Last World RPG

Last World is an RPG community built around creative Role Playing. The world itself is built up of countries that incorporate all types of Role playing dynamics.

00291 Vote Comments



It's been 5 years since the day the world met its end at the hands of Tannerman. The dead live and destroy all in their path. Vampires live in secret. Humans struggle to survive. The wealthy still thrive. Two groups strive to repair the fallen world, they

00278 Vote Comments
109Screenshot of Tengoku No Ame.

Tengoku No Ame.

This is the website for the Role-Play clan of Tengoku No Ame. You must be able to write Paragraph RP. If you really would like information go to the site or look for

00269 Vote Comments

Eternal Gates

A massive world full of limitless possibility. Home to all kinds of magical beings, this is a combat based RP site, but we are more than happy to have those who are just looking for a world to explore. So, come create a character and enjoy the world.

00278 Vote Comments

Roleplay Paradisu

A paradise for roleplayers in which you can find the content your heart desires, and if not; You can create your own roleplay, with your own rules!

00294 Vote Comments
109Screenshot of Tears of Crimson Nightclub

Tears of Crimson Nightclub

Step inside the Tears of Crimson and let our staff mesmerize you. New Orleans only vampire bar! Inspired by the Tears of Crimson series by author Michelle Hughes.

00275 Vote Comments

DGM RolePlay!

We're just a bunch of goof balls who love to RP! We are a very active community and everyone is welcome! We can garuntee you fun! Join now, because registration is quick, free and simple:)

00453 Vote Comments

Ultimate Doctor Who Roleplay

A forum that allows you to roleplay in the 'Whoniverse', or make up your own roleplay.

00289 Vote Comments

Transformers Rp

Rp as you favourite characters.You can make up youre own Human, Transformer. Join but read the Char Info first

00277 Vote Comments
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