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Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

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A wild, wonderful place to find the best RP's out there! Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)
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Eternal temptation RPG

[IMG][/IMG] Rated M **This site may have some Rated R Material too** Eternal Temptation is a vampire RPG. It is set in modern times in Stormstown Pa.

0023 Vote Comments

Elite Skills Roleplay

It's a great site for just about any roleplay! Join the fun!

0033 Vote Comments

Wolvesbrooke Social

In the small town of Wolvesbrooke, there are many people, and creatures, join to find out where you stand...

0021 Vote Comments

Diamond Among the Elements

For all of you that like RP fighting, makeing chat rooms, designing your own characters... I give you... Diamond Among the Elements

0022 Vote Comments

Flight of Death

We are a Harry Potter roleplaying site undergoing extensive renovations and ready to start an entirely new plot. Our work encompasses events in the lives of core Death Eaters, spanning over multiple years. We have a team of a very dedicated people, willin

0021 Vote Comments

Lion King Role Play

A Lion King Role Play Site I Have Just Made This Site and I am just getting it up and running Please Join x

0067 Vote Comments


a big cat shifter roleplay site, the animals are real, there are other animals allowed, such as wolves, cyotes and other such critters, but we are focused on big cats.

0035 Vote Comments

Tales of the Abyss

A role play site thats just started for more serious role players, new members needed.

0037 Vote Comments


Naruto Roleplaying. Serious, intermediate level roleplaying. Third person style. Fun. Friendly Staff. No Uchiha. AU.

0033 Vote Comments


Modern dark fantasy in the city of Las Vegas.

00241 Vote Comments


This is just my myspace page?? :\

0032 Vote Comments

Shinobi World

New Naruto Roleplay Site, Custom Stuff, original plot

0069 Vote Comments

Kiss Of Eternity

RP as a creature of the night where two types of vampires are battling between themselves.

0037 Vote Comments

The Darkness Without

This is a RP site that is for moderate to expert RP-ers, although novices are welcomed too. All RP's are allowed as long as it is not Adult rated (Meaning no public Cybering).

0031 Vote Comments
107Screenshot of Moonlit Dream

Moonlit Dream

A light to heavy Roleplaying forum. It consists of varying skills from novice to experts and masters. We have just recently started up and are looking for new and active members, as well as staff possibilities.

0045 Vote Comments
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