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Top 50 Lion King Sites

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Welcome to the Top 50 Lion King Sites list! This service has recently gotten a host side upgrade, and has a bit of a different look. (Mostly due to the loss of skins/themes.) Want to see how your Lion King site ranks? Simply join and place a voting button on your page. Your visitors can click on it to vote for your site!

Please note: We ONLY accept Lion King themed sites. If you have a general Disney themed site, you must have a section devoted to The Lion King, and your voting button MUST appear on whatever page of your site that relates to The Lion King. If your site is not related to The Lion King, it will be deleted, without warning. Absolutely NO off-topic or commercial sites are permitted!

If you have an approved site, but later change the site theme or move to a different site location with no redirection to the new site, we will deactivate (but not delete) your site. It is your responsibility to keep your site info up-to-date!
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1Screenshot of The Savannah

The Savannah

The Savannah

Available in both English and German, the savannah is one of the oldest TLK discussion boards.

15,16015,496 Vote Comments
2Screenshot of Lion King Fan Club Europe

Lion King Fan Club Europe

Lion King Fan Club Europe

Homepage of the Lion King Fan Club Europe. Only in German.

04,0177,645 Vote Comments
3Screenshot of The Lion King Pride Forum

The Lion King Pride Forum

The Lion King Pride Forum

A place to sit back, relax, and talk about The Lion King! Come visit us in our bigger and better home on the community site!

11,83817,822 Vote Comments
4Screenshot of Nalaholics Anonymous

Nalaholics Anonymous

Nalaholics Anonymous

Nalaholics Anonymous, est. 1997. The site dedicated to fans and friends of Nala. Come get your therapy at NA today!

11,5859,647 Vote Comments
5Screenshot of Disney Clipart Galore - The Lion King

Disney Clipart Galore - The Lion King

Disney Clipart Galore - The Lion King

The largest, most diverse original Disney clipart offering on the web. Over 7,800 clipart images of all your favorite characters, including, of course, The Lion King!"

192811,243 Vote Comments
6Screenshot of The Lion King Pride

The Lion King Pride

The Lion King Pride

Long running, since 1997, and newly redesigned in 2013, join the fun with lots of pictures, music lyrics, an interactive poll, movie info and much more!

191412,531 Vote Comments
7Screenshot of TLKGO



TLKGO - The Lion King Goes On, A Lion King Roleplay Forum Been Going Strong for Over 6 Years, Friendly Atmosphere and Great Rp's to Join .

16746,386 Vote Comments
8Screenshot of!!!

Visit the *newly updated* My Lion King! Active forums, fan art community, thousands of Lion King images, videos and tons of other multimedia.

150410,874 Vote Comments
9Screenshot of El Bosque de Essien

El Bosque de Essien

FORO DEDICADO AL FAN ART DEL REL LEÓN Encuentra el mejor fan art y fan fic, información de la trilogía y artículos de interes.

14641,662 Vote Comments
10Screenshot of Ulaya v3.0

Ulaya v3.0

Ulaya v3.0

Open since 2004, and still going! Return to the Pridelands in a new generation, where loyalties will be tested... prides will unite, while others will tear apart. The circle has never been so complex...

13565,637 Vote Comments
11Screenshot of Pride Lands - Foro de EL REY LEÓN

Pride Lands - Foro de EL REY LEÓN

Un foro dedicado a cada fan de El Rey Léon en Latinoamérica. Encontrarás descripciones de personajes, Fan Art, Fan Fiction, imágenes, videos y todo acerca de el mejor clásico de Disney.

134011,641 Vote Comments
12Screenshot of The Lion King HD Gallery

The Lion King HD Gallery

Huge gallery - over 7500 screens from The Lion King in HD resolution!

13221,946 Vote Comments

Vitani's Palace

Lots of stuff about Vitani. Info, Polls, Vitani's Secrets, Vitani's Friends & Family awesome graphics and much more.

12531,797 Vote Comments
14Screenshot of The Lion King

The Lion King

Forum de rpg sur le roi lion. Venez jouer un lion du film ou venez crée le votre. Forum en français. Es-tu près à entrer dans la guerre qui déchire la terre des lion ? Viens choisir ton clan ! Une guerre sans fin est lancée...

12089,573 Vote Comments
15Screenshot of El Legado de Simba - Un hogar para todos los fanaticos de TLK

El Legado de Simba - Un hogar para todos los fanaticos de TLK

Foro creado para todos los fanaticos de la pelicula de Disney El Rey Leon, aqui� podras encontrar informacion de todo tipo, y publicar tus dibujos e historias.

12061,039 Vote Comments

The Lion King Slovak Unofficial Blog

This is slovak site of the lion king and there are nine tenths informations.

11801,463 Vote Comments
17Screenshot of Lion King For Life

Lion King For Life

All Lion King, All the Time! 20+ year Lion King Collection

1135584 Vote Comments
18Screenshot of Lion King Obsession

Lion King Obsession

A fan site dedicated to the Lion King series that features screengrabs, trivia, info, videos, fanart, quizzes and more from all three movies!

11022,053 Vote Comments
19Screenshot of Leeuwenkoning Fanclub Holland

Leeuwenkoning Fanclub Holland

The only Lion King website so far in Dutch! With lots of unknown information and a forum that could use some more members. The site is created in april '10 and is still expanding. Find pictures, animated gifs, comics and more in here!

1781,352 Vote Comments
20Screenshot of Nothing But The Lion King Forum

Nothing But The Lion King Forum

This is a website where you can simply come in, chill and talk about the greatest movie in history: The Lion King!!!!!

1772,624 Vote Comments

Cub Simba

This site is all about Simba as a cub! He has alot of stuff to share with you, so come on in and have fun!

0724,663 Vote Comments
22Screenshot of Mufasa's Kingdom Forum

Mufasa's Kingdom Forum

This forum is apart of my original site Mufasa's Kingdom. I have alot of avatars to choose from. Alot of topics and more. Come on in.

0603,918 Vote Comments
23Screenshot of The Rhythm of the Pridelands

The Rhythm of the Pridelands

This site is based on the Lion king and is an RPG, with two lands;; The Outlands and the Pridelands...

0492,501 Vote Comments

Princess Kiara

Dedicated to cub Kiara.

1393,044 Vote Comments

The Lion King Worldz

This Site Is All About The Lion King.It Has Pictures Galore,Lots Of Information,And Sooo Much More.Including A Fan Club!

1393,565 Vote Comments

King Simba's Site

Simbasserengeti is a place full of fun and peace. Peace because it is safe, for no innapropriote things will be viewed or read about. There is a club, games, stuff YOU need to know on Simba, and pictures, and videos, and great music on everypage! Long Liv

1392,634 Vote Comments
25Screenshot of Call of The Wind

Call of The Wind

for lion king and balto fans chat and role play on the best 2 ever movies you now that you can resit the call of the wild

0383,274 Vote Comments
26Screenshot of The Lion King: Fanatic

The Lion King: Fanatic

This is a site to talk about Disney's most beloved movie "The Lion King". You may make RPG's, Talk about video games, and more! So join today!

0333,156 Vote Comments
27Screenshot of Las praderas de Simba

Las praderas de Simba

Este es un foro para los amantes de la gran pelicula TLK aca esta lleno de diverción,informacion,juegos y mucho mas.

131868 Vote Comments
27Screenshot of Moonlit Savannah

Moonlit Savannah

A Lion King Fan-Made message board. All members here are friendly and positive. We welcome everybody here with open arms. Hope to see you here soon!

0313,765 Vote Comments

Simba-The Future King

Not Finished, but I have a few pages on.

0292,316 Vote Comments

Sweetie Nala

It's a site about Nala. There are a few pictures of Nala as cub, adult, and just other random pictures. There are also things about her family and her mate "Simba." You can take polls, send in your poems or fan art, and give me your opinion abou

1274,041 Vote Comments
30Screenshot of Rey leonlandia

Rey leonlandia

Foro Rey Leonlandia, dedicado a todos los fans de la película el Rey león

126478 Vote Comments

Princess Kiara

Kiarassite101 has a little club where you can buy charms, cards, sitckers, also there are puzzles about me, Kiara, it's a safe, fun, and entertaining website. There's quizzes, games, the club, pictures, and videos! Plus, Kiara Rules!

1242,649 Vote Comments

Pride Lands Live

foro en español dedicado a todos los fans de el rey leon donde se encontraran fan clubs donaciones de talleres fanclubs debates y encuestas , informaciones sobre todos los personajes de la saga ,

124378 Vote Comments
32Screenshot of Nala's Lair

Nala's Lair

Nala's story of The Lion King as told from her point of view starting from her birth to the beginning of Simba's Pride.

1214,206 Vote Comments
33Screenshot of La Roca del Rey

La Roca del Rey

Foro en espanol dedicado a la fantastica y maravillosa saga "El Rey Leon" y a sus fanaticos, en donde podremos compartir nuestro amor por la pelicula.

115527 Vote Comments
34Screenshot of Las tierras del Reino

Las tierras del Reino

Foro creado para todos los fanáticos de la maravillosa película El rey León. Aquí podrás encontrar información, imágenes, historias, fan arts y roles dedicados a la Película

114474 Vote Comments
35Screenshot of las praderas de simba

las praderas de simba

FORO DE EL REY LEÓN dedicado a todos los fans de el rey león donde encontraran un mayor contenido de información, diversión y creación de dibujos, diseño gráfico, fanclubs ect. únete a LPDS

113406 Vote Comments
36Screenshot of

The Lion King community in Finnish

112505 Vote Comments

El reyno de Nyota

Un lugar para los soñadores, para los que quieren volar y se atreven a intentarlo, para los fanaticos del El Rey León

111468 Vote Comments

Pride Place

A New Site about THE LION KING With Pics and Other Stuff

1103,433 Vote Comments

Nala-The Beautiful Princess

This site is dedicated to cub Nala. It isn't complete, but it's alright. I also put in some French pages.

0102,510 Vote Comments

The Nala Website

My site,all about Nala!

092,813 Vote Comments
40Screenshot of Comunidad Kimba y Simba

Comunidad Kimba y Simba

Un foro dedicado a estos leones separados al nacer.

18462 Vote Comments
40Screenshot of The Great Pride

The Great Pride

A diffferent lion roleplaying forum, based loosely on the ideas of Disnaey's "The Lion King" movies. Lions here can have accesories like jewelry, wings, powers, and odd colors. We don't permit lions from the movie, but only because I see know re

082,571 Vote Comments
41Screenshot of The Outsider`s Pride

The Outsider`s Pride

A great place for TLK fans that LOVE the Outsiders.Lots of Fun things to come!

173,671 Vote Comments
41Screenshot of El Reyno de Kovu y Kiara

El Reyno de Kovu y Kiara

Un grán hogar para todos los fanáticos de esta gran pelicula de Disney

17423 Vote Comments
41Screenshot of Nala's Land

Nala's Land

This site is fully dedicated to Nala and her family.It has a pages about Nala's family:Simba,Sarafina,Kiara and others.It has a fanart,fanfic pages,clipart.

171,304 Vote Comments
42Screenshot of Pride Rock

Pride Rock

The story of TLK, outtakes and fan-fiction, a clean funny page, sightings, unique character profiles, stories, pictures and web polls. Also some quizzes and random things.

152,943 Vote Comments
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