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1Screenshot of Rabbit Haven

Rabbit Haven

Sites for Rabbit Owners - All about Rabbits!

190,00720,326 Vote Comments
2Screenshot of Blackavar Stud

Blackavar Stud

Specialising in quality Mini Lops & Netherland Dwarfs in Opal.

11,0372,541 Vote Comments

Sweet Cherry Stud

Sweet Cherry Stud

BRC breeder and exhibitor of mini lops, lionheads, netherland dwarfs, harlequins and french lop rabbits.

17782,599 Vote Comments

Walnut Stud

My website shows the mini lops I show and breed in a variety of colors!

13801,486 Vote Comments
5Screenshot of bunnybundlesovfun


We are a small stud at the moment that breed mini lop and french lops. Our aim is to breed show quality rabbits.

12021,310 Vote Comments

Bella Bunny Lop

BRC Breeder of beautiful Mini, Dwarf and French Lops. Blues, Fawn, Agouti, Butterfly

1185399 Vote Comments

Lidanhew Stud

Lidanhew Stud

Breeders and exhibitors of quality German and Mini lop rabbits.

11761,341 Vote Comments
8Screenshot of Staynor Lops

Staynor Lops

Breeder of French lops

1103971 Vote Comments

Scottish Dwarf Lops and Mini Lops

Scottish Dwarf Lops and Mini Lops

Exhibitor and breeder of quality dwarf lop and mini lop rabbits in Edinburgh, Scotland - BRC registered. Specialising in butterflies in orange, sooty fawn, fawn and black.

183812 Vote Comments


French lops in fox, mini lops in various based in manchester

1791,207 Vote Comments

Barbull Stud's Pet Lops.

Barbull Stud's Pet Lops.

Forum Admin.The voting code is on the Pets page.

1601,183 Vote Comments
12Screenshot of Delightful Darlings

Delightful Darlings

New Breeder of dwarf, mini and cashmere lop rabbits.

157980 Vote Comments

LSB's Holland Lop Rabbitry

LSB's Holland Lop Rabbitry

Breeder of Holland lops rabbits of exceptionally friendly temperment in wisconsin. Colors include REW, BEW, sable point, tort and many others.

1421,061 Vote Comments
14Screenshot of Mini lops and Lionheads Edinburgh

Mini lops and Lionheads Edinburgh

I breed mini lop and lionhead rabbits in Edinburgh. I sometimes have babies available. All babies are handled every day from the age of one week.

1401,005 Vote Comments

Sophie's lop bunnies scotland fife uk

Breeder of mini lop and lion lops rabbits in Fife Scotland uk, has various colours

136674 Vote Comments
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