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Ninja Village

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Welcome to Ninja Village: Naruto RP Website
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1Screenshot of Naruto's Way of The Ninja

Naruto's Way of The Ninja

Set in an alternate Naruto world, Naruto's Way of The Ninja hands you the basics and lets you choose your own path. Will you join a village or become a criminal? The choice is yours!

02354,657 Vote Comments
2Screenshot of Naruto Beginnings

Naruto Beginnings

An alternate reality naruto rp forum. We have 4 different classes, with each class having its own unique awakening. Separate village plots so you don't have to worry about depending on other villages to continue on with your plot.

11071,488 Vote Comments
3Screenshot of Naruto Valor over Liberty

Naruto Valor over Liberty

Naruto Valor over Liberty

This site is a custom made naruto rp. There are a select few of canon clans and tons of canon jutsu, but we have custom Bijuu, Villages, even custom organizationa. Experience naruto like you enver thought it could be experienced before.

169678 Vote Comments

Naruto RPG World

Naruto RPG World

Ein vollkommen anderes RPG, keine Originalshinobis aus Naruto, Shop, Inventar, ... und natürlich vieles vieles mehr ;-)

0621,603 Vote Comments

Naruto Style RPG

Come join us in our Grand Re-Opening! All cannon chars available still! Claim them while you can!

0521,223 Vote Comments

Jack of all Trades

Jack of all Trades

A cross over site covering many different types of fandom. From the most popular anime to Harry Potter, to Kingdom Hearts; the possibilities are endless!

050563 Vote Comments

Shinobi Playground

Shinobi Playground is a brand new roleplay set in an alternate Naruto-verse that allows players to design their own shinobi and live out ninja lives. The storyline is constantly evolving based on the actions of our roleplayers!

1301,070 Vote Comments

Way of the Shinobi

A text-based Naruto Role Playing Game based on the hit Anime show Naruto. Make your own ninja and see what it's like to live the life of a Shinobi.

0281,120 Vote Comments

Naruto Elements

Naruto Elements

A great Naruto Website where you can discuss about Naruto and even Role Play in our Role Playing Vortex. We also have a great graphics area and a skinning service for those with Invisionfree Boards. So join us now!

0281,153 Vote Comments

The Ultimate Shinobi

The Ultimate Shinobi

A fun Naruto rpg.You can create up to many things.Also has many canons available.You can join a squad or even create your own organization or either join one.You can join up to many villages.Or even become Kage and rise your village to the top.

0251,106 Vote Comments

The Desired Peace

The Desired Peace is a Narutoverse RPG set to pick up where the current manga is and continue with it's own story line and characters.

021662 Vote Comments
11Screenshot of The Ninja RP

The Ninja RP

The Ninja RP is an interesting new role playing site loosely based off of Naruto, offering great customization for your character and a new system for roleplaying. Join us today!

119327 Vote Comments

Bampaia no Ryoushi

Bampaia no Ryoushi

A forum for NARUTO RPing, it also includes many features and places for those who do not like to RP.

0121,006 Vote Comments

DBZ: Alternative Future

This is a dragonball z rpg game, join if you like DBZ and have fun in our site.

010810 Vote Comments

Bleach Universe War

Bleach Universe War

The Bleach RPG of the ages

195,583 Vote Comments
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