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Pokémon Roleplay

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Welcome to Pokémon Roleplaying Top Sites. Brought to you by ZapdosZulu.
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Pokemon Kingdom

Start your Journey here. Journey though the lands of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, The Battle Frontier and the Orange Islands.

01457 Vote Comments

Erinuki Region

An active Pokemon Roleplay, flourishing as we speak. Joining is only the start of the adventure!

01434 Vote Comments

Pokemon Cheyenne

This site has been around for years. It's been through ups and downs, but now after a week of matinence mode, it's re-opened. Join and find out what a real pokemon roleplaying experience is supposed to feel like.

01581 Vote Comments
25Screenshot of Moonless World

Moonless World

A Pokemon RP Site.

01281 Vote Comments
26Screenshot of Pokemon RP Universe

Pokemon RP Universe

This is a pokemon role playing rp. It is fun and full of adventure.

00102 Vote Comments

Pokéwarriors: The Gazers

Based on Erin Hunter's Warriors series, Pokewarriors: The Gazers is a role play site combining Pokémon and Warriors. Four pokemon clans live in their seperate territories, and all is peaceful... For now.

00109 Vote Comments
26Screenshot of Pokemon Crystal Cove

Pokemon Crystal Cove

Unique pokemon Role playing experience! *9 Starting towns *Become a Gym Leader or a simple trainer! *New community = Open on ideas + staff hiring soon! Join Now!

0076 Vote Comments
26Screenshot of Poketrainers



Battle your pokemon to earn gym badges in the Bluemoon Region and see if you can make it to the leagues!

0068 Vote Comments

Pokemon Algitude

The region Algitude region is a fairly new region with almost all of the world's Pokemon in it. With high risks of natural disasters and earthquakes. Algitude isn't always a safe place to be. Plus, the Pokemon have been causing trouble after an unknown le

0039 Vote Comments
26Screenshot of Pokemon domination

Pokemon domination

This is a wifi rp forum website where players can come together and face each other. We have Gyms and a battle frontier. We hold a leauge every month where our members can face each other after winning all 8 Gym badges. Come to the site to read more.

0039 Vote Comments
26Screenshot of Tokai Region

Tokai Region

The Tokai region is a newly discovered area in the Pokemon world. So take your first steps and help make history as you explore the terrains.

0093 Vote Comments
26Screenshot of My Last fm

My Last fm

0063 Vote Comments
26Screenshot of Pokemon



00111 Vote Comments
26Screenshot of Pokemon Unova Rpg

Pokemon Unova Rpg

A brand new Pokemon forum roleplay, based on Unova, V Generation pokemon. Join for more info.

0064 Vote Comments

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