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1Screenshot of Pokemon MMORPG Game PokemonPets Online

Pokemon MMORPG Game PokemonPets Online

Pokemon MMORPG Game PokemonPets Online

✔ Pokemon Pets is a unique browser based MMO RPG game that doesn't require any downloads or plugins to play ✔ It closely mimics Nintendo's Pokémon handheld games with the added excitement MMO

2,2544,858498 Vote Comments
2Screenshot of In Licentia

In Licentia

In Licentia is a freeform Pokemon RP that strives to be equal to members and staff, and be as free as possible in its roleplay.

104,71820,614 Vote Comments
3Screenshot of Pokemon Godai

Pokemon Godai

Pokemon Godai is an original Pokemon RolePlay that emphasizes creativity and growth above all else. We encourage immense creative freedom and welcome all users open to improving their skills as writers.

9604,6775,192 Vote Comments
4Screenshot of Harper Region; a Medieval Pokemon RPG.

Harper Region; a Medieval Pokemon RPG.

Set in a medieval-esque era, Harper is an in-depth, non-stat game that offers both modded and freeform threading. We are a friendly, intermediate level game and use all generations of pokemon.

762,8586,378 Vote Comments
5Screenshot of Monsters and Men

Monsters and Men

Monsters and Men is a tabletop inspired dystopian-styled Pokemon RP. No character limit or word count, and our application is short! No 10 year old Pokemon masters here though, members should be 16+.

4251,392244 Vote Comments

The Kuhre Region

Kuhre is a region nestled between Johto and Hoenn with its own special crime syndicate, Team Allele, who specialize in genetically mutated Pokemon. We have our own gym system, Elite Four, and unique Pokemon found no where else in the Pokeworld!

21,2832,949 Vote Comments
7Screenshot of Pokemon Voyage

Pokemon Voyage

That's right. The number one Pokemon forum is back with a vengeance! With the most in depth systems around, PV blends traditional gameplay with modern enhancements.

181,2651,078 Vote Comments
8Screenshot of PokéFiends


PokéFiends is an open, freeform multi-region Pokémon roleplay board that welcomes both canon and original characters. Includes all game and anime regions. The plot involves an overwhelming Darkness.

141,1111,230 Vote Comments
9Screenshot of Koang RPG

Koang RPG

A competitive Pokemon stat based role-playing forum. We encourage excellent role-playing. We allow free form, with update request for character profiles. Pokemon games, mixed with tabletop mechanics.

408961718 Vote Comments
10Screenshot of Snowl's Space: A Pokmon RPG

Snowl's Space: A Pokmon RPG

Explore the Sharma region as a trainer and/or coordinator on a site that's run strong since 2006. Your character's actions have a ripple effect throughout the region. Join Teams, hunt legends, make rivals, meet friends. Includes all 5 Generations!

19352,880 Vote Comments

Tokai Region

Come and Join! We have friendly staff, active members, and with all the events going on, you'll never be bored!

14523,899 Vote Comments

Pokmon Paradise: The Revival

PPRPG is a freeform RP that takes place in the Torae region and has been running for five years, and it's just as strong now as it has always been! Our friendly staff and amazing member base will be sure to make this a site you enjoy!

14304,368 Vote Comments
13Screenshot of The Aerei Region

The Aerei Region

Aerei is a small island near Hoenn that holds secrets and danger waiting to be unleashed. With a tight knit community and a dark, adventurous plot, it's made for those that feel lost in big crowds.

1428321 Vote Comments
14Screenshot of Pokemon: The Middle Ages

Pokemon: The Middle Ages

PMARP is a Pokemon roleplay site based off a medieval steampunk theme. There is a great plot, and you can be either a pokemon, human or (a combination of both) a Pokemorph. There are 8 towns and 9 areas to explore.

13862,186 Vote Comments
15Screenshot of Phericiole: A Wild Pokemon RP

Phericiole: A Wild Pokemon RP

The world begins with a tale. A tale of merging worlds... Phericiole is a Pokemon-only RP set in a world with little technology and no humans. Pokemon are the only ones left.

693841,870 Vote Comments
16Screenshot of Pokemon Iselia

Pokemon Iselia

As a modern Pokemon Trainer RP site, it caters to even the most decent of roleplayers. Experience your creativity and explore an interesting world with interactive lore. Find your path now!

5268217 Vote Comments
17Screenshot of Pokemon Valor

Pokemon Valor

Team Delta has a new scientist working undercover. Under your nose is where this scientist is hiding, he or she could be anyone. This person could even be the one whom you trust the most. Knowing Team Delta that just may be the case.

12261,767 Vote Comments
18Screenshot of Viridis Region

Viridis Region

Explore the Viridis Region and all its glory as a trainer, Pokemon or hybrid. A freeform RP site that aims to have a community where members and staff respect each other. Join now!

33225153 Vote Comments
19Screenshot of Pokemon Kalos

Pokemon Kalos

All about new IV GEN Game pokemon! Alot info, video, photo, text. Event News -Frequently News update, Specific content posted in video, the clear design site. Thanks for vote =3

162041,618 Vote Comments


In this dark epic, an eight-year war between Shadow Pokmon, Blackclaw Dragoons and the Peacekeepers rages and seeks to end existence. Take role as a Pokmon in this grand epic and find your niche in this collaborative fan-fiction roleplaying story!

11931,665 Vote Comments

Pokmon: Titans RPG

Pokemon: Titans takes place in the Kyojo Region and utilizes Pokemon from every single generation. Come and join a very welcoming and enthusiastic company and help us take down the 'Titan' known as no other than Regigigas.

1191357 Vote Comments


A new region, friendly staff, and a laid-back community we know youll love! Take the league challenge and collect eight unique badges, or dominate the contests and show off your ribbons! Enjoy your stay, and welcome, to a far away dream

01772,273 Vote Comments

Laokia Region V2

A diverse Pokemon Role-Play where there are as many things to do as one could want, and there is no need to follow the norm. Filled with a collection of Pokemon all its own, plus the Pokemon from every generation. Fight on the side of good, evil, or neutr

11764,316 Vote Comments

Pokemon Noctis

An original Pokemon region for the semi-literate to advanced literate. We create world plots and always have things coming up for members to participate in. We are a welcoming environment and always looking for new members to roleplay with!

1172489 Vote Comments

Katsu Region

A new region in the world of Pokmon! The community is very active and very friendly. Aside from traveling with your Pokmon, you can also enjoy many events organized by our friendly staff. So what you waiting for? Let the fun begin. =)

11712,120 Vote Comments
26Screenshot of The Ilyria Region

The Ilyria Region

Ilyria is a d20 pokemon roleplaying site with a tight-knit, active community, and a fully customisable adventure.

1168836 Vote Comments

Pokemon Kaiju Region

Start your adventure in the Kaiju Region where your imagination is the limit. Developing our very own pokedex for the region we have brand new pokemon as well as the originals. Numerous new places to explore and 5 classes to help you write your own uniq

11511,362 Vote Comments


This is a free, advanced role-playing environment inspired by the Pokemon games. This contains a completely custom move list, and creatures like you've never seen before, as well as some great roleplayers.

11431,096 Vote Comments

Pokemon Tundra

A TRPG where the region is for the most part, cold.

01371,493 Vote Comments

Pokemon Generation

Join this site as you start out in the Zena Region where a war is taking place between the Mysterious Dark Hole Organization and the Prideful Pokemon Protectors.The Elementals stay neutral.Who will bring the harmony back to Zena? Will it be you?

1135734 Vote Comments


A Pokmon HeartGold/SoulSilver Roleplay. Can't wait for the game? Then visit our forum to play Story Mode.

11191,921 Vote Comments
32Screenshot of Pokémon Tervalia

Pokémon Tervalia

Tervalia is an in-depth Pokémon RP for those who like the taste of excellent writing. Crawling with vicious Shadow and Clone Pokémon alike, it's not only unsafe to go out, but downright horrific.

75113174 Vote Comments

Haysu RPG

The Haysu RPG is a literate Pokemon roleplay that allows you to take a journey through an unfamiliar region to become a powerful trainer. We are a small community that is rather tight-knit, and we create intricate plotlines for your adventure.

11041,077 Vote Comments

Pokmon Memories RPG

A forum focusing mainly on the first three gens, partially on gen 4 and doesn't care about gen 5. You can travel around as a pokemon, a trainer, a hunter or whatever you want. You can be a talking waffle as long as it works out. Free of course. (Latias a

01011,577 Vote Comments
35Screenshot of The Aethran Warriors

The Aethran Warriors

Welcome to the world of Aethra! We are a Pokemon/Warrior Cats crossover site, and we'd LOVE to have new members! We're a pretty free RP site, very little rules and easy level up! Come Join today!

19792 Vote Comments
36Screenshot of Pokemonsky [webbased game!]

Pokemonsky [webbased game!]

A free webbased pokemon game! Be the number one off the game! And win good prices!

196176 Vote Comments

Pokemon RPG: Sennta Region

New and unique system of RP! New site with plenty of room for suggestions! We're holding off completing all systems and sections for the input of our community!

192148 Vote Comments
38Screenshot of Pokelore


A new site for not just RPing, but also discussion about competitive battles, trading, and whatever else you can come up with! Join now and have fun!

183105 Vote Comments

Project PokGene

Project PokGene is a roleplay where almost every Pokmon is unique! Created in August 2009, this RP takes place in the Ayelto region. Though most boards are hidden to prevent art theft, PPG is a small and growing literate roleplay. Join now!

0781,721 Vote Comments

Shimmering Paradise

Welcome to Laletria, the shimmering island paradise. Pokemon abound on this beautiful island. But beauty belies. Be careful with every step you take. We welcome all roleplay levels. Our community is small, but we welcome all with open arms.

072569 Vote Comments

The Pokemon Role Playing Hub

The Pokemon Role Playing hub is a Pokemon rp site that hosts not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 different Role Plays in one site. Currently looking for staff to help boost production.

071450 Vote Comments

Epic Pokemon

A new RPG site where the admins are helpful, the players are friendly and we're always up for a roleplay. Enjoy some laid back Pokemon roleplaying, or get involved in an epic pokemon battle! Help us grow to the biggest, but most intimate Pokemon site of a

169394 Vote Comments
43Screenshot of Pokemon Legacies

Pokemon Legacies

A laid back Pokemon roleplay that's just starting out. We strive to have a friendly environment where everyone can get to know each other. Will you create a legacy?

56782 Vote Comments

Pokemon Wifi Club

This is pokemon forum where people can come together and exchange friend code, chat, hang out, get help, battle, and trade.

063641 Vote Comments


Come Home is a literate Pokemon roleplaying site that takes place in Kanto, a region tormented by the mob-like Team Rocket, has fallen into a fearful ruin. Will you enlist with Team Rocket, control civilians and rise as a dominant force? Or will you choos

162437 Vote Comments


BroZone, happily named after Slowbro, is a thriving, new Pokemon based RPG site. Kyozon, the region on Brozone, is home to a ever growing population of Pokemon. It's a place where the focus is more on the adventure than on the battle.

157189 Vote Comments

Heroes Vs Villains

On this Supers RP Site, you can create a Super Hero, Villain, or Bounty Hunter, and progress through a metropolis of a City performing Missions to get stronger. We have many Powersets based on Pokemon, including the Pokemon Trainer Powerset, which will le

155238 Vote Comments

LANORAE || g e n e r a t i o n X

Lanorae is yet another new region that has been discovered in the world of Pokmon. A land of new adventures, new enemies, and new Pokemon. We are a welcoming, semi-literate and up Pokmon RPG forum, so step into the adventure!

1541,484 Vote Comments


Join us in the quest to pass the Trials, earn Tokens of Passage, and discover what is true and what is not. Stumble upon the Order, challenge the Guardians, and step forth as champion. You could be the next hero of Aegeos; are you ready?

154102 Vote Comments
49Screenshot of Pokemon Nulla Tempus

Pokemon Nulla Tempus

Un Foro de rol pokemon donde podras viajar entre el pasado y presente. Elige tu profesion, tu estilo y tu primer pokemon a tu manera. O aventurate sin pokemon por la region! Viaja con compaeros o con enemigos y haz el camino como mas te guste. Participa

153138 Vote Comments
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