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BroZone, happily named after Slowbro, is a thriving, new Pokemon based RPG site. Kyozon, the region on Brozone, is home to a ever growing population of Pokemon. It's a place where the focus is more on the adventure than on the battle.

158281 Vote Comments
49Screenshot of Pkmn Airrow ░▒▓ ✿

Pkmn Airrow ░▒▓ ✿

Airrow is a Pokemon roleplay set on an island called Andromi, crafted by lore of the earliest settlers who made way for a region where people and the island's diverse Pokemon live in harmony.

158122 Vote Comments

Heroes Vs Villains

On this Supers RP Site, you can create a Super Hero, Villain, or Bounty Hunter, and progress through a metropolis of a City performing Missions to get stronger. We have many Powersets based on Pokemon, including the Pokemon Trainer Powerset, which will le

155306 Vote Comments

LANORAE || g e n e r a t i o n X

Lanorae is yet another new region that has been discovered in the world of Pokmon. A land of new adventures, new enemies, and new Pokemon. We are a welcoming, semi-literate and up Pokmon RPG forum, so step into the adventure!

1541,620 Vote Comments


Join us in the quest to pass the Trials, earn Tokens of Passage, and discover what is true and what is not. Stumble upon the Order, challenge the Guardians, and step forth as champion. You could be the next hero of Aegeos; are you ready?

154166 Vote Comments
52Screenshot of Pokemon Nulla Tempus

Pokemon Nulla Tempus

Un Foro de rol pokemon donde podras viajar entre el pasado y presente. Elige tu profesion, tu estilo y tu primer pokemon a tu manera. O aventurate sin pokemon por la region! Viaja con compaeros o con enemigos y haz el camino como mas te guste. Participa

153200 Vote Comments

wandering away ?!

Wandering Away is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon roleplay with a great staff and awesome members. High positions are currently open, the site is excepting affiliations, and we are welcoming new members. In Wandering Away, you can create or join an exploration

146978 Vote Comments

Steel Cave

Two new regions to explore : Skugga and Ljus. Create a character, explore the regions, collect badges/ribbons, and make new friends with Pokemon. New members will recieve a rare gift, of which current members cannot atain. Open to experienced and beginner

035310 Vote Comments
55Screenshot of Kalopsia - A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RPG

Kalopsia - A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RPG

Create your own unique character, choose between four different allegiances, rise in the ranks and help determine the fate of the region, with dungeon roleplay moderated by an active staff team!

33322 Vote Comments
55Screenshot of Gijinka World

Gijinka World

Incarnate a Pokemon Gijinka as you discover the lands of Airia!

133320 Vote Comments

Pokemon Database

Huge Pokemon site with pokedex, moves, types, abilities, images, Q&A and more!

133299 Vote Comments

Esprit pokmon

Esprit Pokmon est un forum de discussions qui vous permettra de parler en ligne de votre passion pour les dessins anims ou les jeux Pokmon. Un des principaux buts du forum est de rencontrer des fans de la saga et de pouvoir partager du bon temps !

131101 Vote Comments

The Roleplayer's Domain

A Pokemon Roleplaying community, set back in the Johto region! Players will meet intractable NPCS, as well as other trainers, and gym leaders. Come re-live your favorite Pokemon experience, why not join today?

030344 Vote Comments


Ever wanted to visit another region? Filled with Pokemon Contests, Battles, and Legends? A new start can be made, with new faces. Challenge Gym Leaders in a quest to become the next Pokemon Champion. Befriend other trainers. Meet new, and exciting Pokemon

0281,053 Vote Comments

Pokemon Fables

Pokemon Fables is a new, advance Pokemon Role Play forum. Unlike others, we have a balanced level-system and friendly admins and mods. Join now, you won't regret!

027482 Vote Comments
60Screenshot of Pokémon Enera

Pokémon Enera

Pokémon Enera is the only His Dark Materials (the Golden Compass)/Pokémon crossover RPG. It boasts a welcoming atmosphere and well thought-out world where your actions could shape the future.

12666 Vote Comments
61Screenshot of Pokemon Aethra

Pokemon Aethra

A journey up on a set of floating islands. You can be a breeder, a coordinator or a trainer. Perhaps join the pirates or the purists. Your journey is up to you!

125202 Vote Comments

Whirl Islands

Whirl Islands is a fairly new RPG forums named after "Whirl Islands" from Pokemon Silver. We are a Large Pokemon Fan Community always looking to grow bigger. Our goal is to have the best Pokemon RPG forums ever created.

025274 Vote Comments

The Seriahn Company

The Seriahn Company is a growing Network of Pokemon RPs that are working together to bring you the best in Pokemon Roleplaying. Join us today!

025327 Vote Comments

Pokmon of Concadia

Pokmon of Concadia, is a new pokmon roleplay forum, that is set in the continent of Concadia. It is free to register and we are always welcome to new members. Members and staff will always be willing to help new roleplayers and so long as you read the r

025243 Vote Comments

Locked In Time

For many years the Empire of Dowr was living in peace with the Pokemon. The people were happy and the land was flourishing. Yet something about the life within Dowr was odd. People never came or left the land. Nothing ever advanced or changed. It was almo

124132 Vote Comments

Pokmon Escapist

Pokmon based role-play.

024372 Vote Comments


It's been years since Team Rocket has disbanded. Making a new Peace Organization ' Retka Veo ', Giovanni claims now to be a better man. But is that really his true motives? ; we are a new video-game based rp, looking for canons !

024178 Vote Comments

Poke Evolution

A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP with a few changes. Come today to visit our numerous dungeons and complete quests as either Pokemon or Human!

123248 Vote Comments

Zanra Region

A new region, a new adventure! The Zanra Region is a new and growing RP site. We have a variety of character options: human, pokmorph and be a Trainer or Coordinator. Join Team Mystic or raise your pokmon to fight against them!

023409 Vote Comments

Pokemon Revolution

Pokemon Revolution is an Role Play site based on anime called "Pokemon". Here you can create your character with what you can start role playing. There are quite many possible characters to pick from and you can decide who do you want to become.

022715 Vote Comments

Ravaged Sootopolis

Ravaged Sootopolis, a wild Pokmon role play. Enter present day Sootopolis City of the Hoenn Region. Wild Pokmon wander the streets, fighting to survive. The dangers are extraordinary: cars, excitable humans, and other Pokmon. Are you tough enough to su

022336 Vote Comments
65Screenshot of PokeLove


Blog pokemon with files for your game, distrib, conquest and soluce

12087 Vote Comments

Yusoh Pokemon RPG

Join us at Yusoh and join one of the largest and most active text based Pokemon RPGs in the world! Two unique regions, a Be A Pokemon section, plus a hyperactive General Board, what's not to like?

0201,315 Vote Comments

Pokemon Sunset

Were a brand new website about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. There are many ranks and we hope you have fun!

020586 Vote Comments


Come join our active fun and growing community. interesting military themed plotline that breaks the mold from other Pokemon rps, regularly hosted events, random starter generator, gift of the day, and referee based combat system to ensure fair play and

019380 Vote Comments

Pokemon Journey

A Pokemon RPG. Come join us and we'll have a blast!

019330 Vote Comments

Jirachi's Wish

We are a pokemon roleplay site with a plot that focuses on Jirachi, the legendary wish maker pokemon. Setting is 100 years in the future and located in the Hoenn region.

019210 Vote Comments

Luenn Region

A play by post Pokemon RPG. Choose your class and starter pokemon and travel throughout the Luenn Region catching pokemon and challenging fellow trainers.

019241 Vote Comments

Pokmon Fantasy RPG

Created in the late 1990's, PnFy still trys to survive to today.

118313 Vote Comments

Rare Candy

A simple, classic Pokmon roleplay forum. It's small and new, but the members and staff are very active. You start in Unova and fight through to Kanto, where you may challenge the ultimate Elite Four and claim the title of Pokmon Champion of the entire w

117129 Vote Comments

Chasing Our Spirits

The Region of Alleos has recently opened it's doors back up to the public after realizing that they can't stop the chaos within their own region. The Belltower Company has formed to annihilate all the Pokemon in existence along with the people who support

017114 Vote Comments

Pokemon Persistence

Set out on an adventure as a Pokemon! Your different actions will decide what type of Pokemon you are. Beat all the clans with you and your partner and maybe make some friends along the way.

017417 Vote Comments

The Shikoku Region

A new region with new possibilities. Join and play with the best of the best!

017157 Vote Comments
69Screenshot of Pokemon Godai

Pokemon Godai

Godai is an Original Region to explore with an exciting adventure, friendly staff, complex world, and freeform writing system focused on growth where you control what happens~

116117 Vote Comments

The Piazo Region

Kanto. Jhoto. Hoenn. Sinnoh. Unova. They're all gone. No one quite knows when the regions began vanishing, but piece by piece, they all disappeared. Gone. And no one knows where or why. Can you uncover the mystery?

11689 Vote Comments
69Screenshot of Alkumae Regios

Alkumae Regios


11655 Vote Comments

The Midnai Region

A pokemon RP set on a triangle shaped island where EEVEE ARE considered COMMON.

016107 Vote Comments

Moonlight Pokemon

Moonlight is a new forum-based Pokemon fansite with game guides, sprites, and anything else to do with Pokemon.

015566 Vote Comments

Kira Region

A Pokemon RPG with the chance to fully customize your advenure!

0131,015 Vote Comments

The Pokemon Academy

The Pokemon Academy is what it says on the tin, a Pokemon Academy RP. New students are sorted into one of four houses depending on their personaility and attrubtes. You character is able to explore the campus and socialise with friends, and more!

013325 Vote Comments

The Inyo Region

Located between Johto and Hoenn is the Inyo Region, in which a new adventure awaits aspiring Trainers, Breeders, and even antagonists! Try us; we refuse to disappoint.

013291 Vote Comments

Pokemon Abyss RPG

A new Pokemon RPG just coming out of the brain of a avid young kid. Wait for the dust to settle and watch the imagination run wild.

013333 Vote Comments

The Luenn Region

A new Pokemon RPG. Create a character and set off on a journey through a far away land where all kinds of Pokemon await. Become a master trainer, stunning coordinator, open your own gym, protect the law of the land or defy it. It's your journey.

013191 Vote Comments
72Screenshot of PokeEarth: A Pokemon's Paradise

PokeEarth: A Pokemon's Paradise

Here at PokeEarth, you can meet a community of fellow Pokemon lovers, roleplay as a Pokemon, and create trainers that can win badges in the Mikouh Region. We look forward to seeing you!

11254 Vote Comments
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