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74Screenshot of Poke-Kingdom


Poke-Kingdom is a tumblr group dedicated to Pokemon RP. In order to partake in our wonderful facilities, you must first read our rules a

012128 Vote Comments

Pokemon Genesis

The new region of Shouto, a new land of adventures and mysteries. Trainers set out or venture forth into Shouto to make their dreams into a reality. What is your reason for setting out on your Journey? Are you prepared to accept the challenges and uncover

012744 Vote Comments

Fusion Flare

Fusion Flare is a semi-literate Pokémon roleplay that invites writers of both canon and original characters to join in! It holds various site events and plots for each region, but aims to allow members as much freedom as possible to RP out what they like.

01265 Vote Comments

Pokemon Aethra

Do you like a Friendly Cbox? Everyone is welcome! We are like family here and always online and fun loving. Ask any question and get answered ASAP. Awesome Staff! Awesome Members! Join away~ A Region in the sky <3

01174 Vote Comments

Pokemon Universe

Pokemon Universe is a newly rising star amongst other pokemon rp. The staff is friendly and inviting and treats everybody fairly. We're looking to grow more so be sure to come check us out, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

011238 Vote Comments
76Screenshot of Pokemon: Island in the Mist

Pokemon: Island in the Mist

On an island where wild pokemon roam free from human captivity, a war rages between the forces of good and evil. Will the island forever be doomed under the rule of evil, or will a child of prophecy break the dark bonds enslaving the island inhabitants?

010412 Vote Comments

Pokémon: Shadows of Yesterday

A Pokémon roleplay forum dedicated to good storytelling and interactions between characters and players alike.

010141 Vote Comments

The Sekin Region

Welcome. At the Sekin Region, you may choose to play as a regular character, or even as a Nuzlocker (see the rules for more info)

01099 Vote Comments


Forum d'echange, distribution d'event et de combat et a la Shasse

0961 Vote Comments

Pokemon Sunrise

The land of Berd, near the region of Unova, is home of every single pokemon. There are seventeen gym for seventeen types of pokemon. When there's a new sun, there's a new adventure.

09124 Vote Comments

Pokémon : A New World

Que feriez-vous si vous aviez le pouvoir de vous transformez en pokémon ? Rejoindriez-vous le clan Nestery, qui lutte pour la survie et sa liberté ? Seriez-vous plutôt neutre, avec le clan Rameď ? Ou essayerez-vous de dominé les autres, afin de conquérir

0892 Vote Comments
78Screenshot of Hiroma Region Of Dreams

Hiroma Region Of Dreams

Explore the vast region of Hiroma and encounter pokemon not ever mentioned in the anime or manga, just think of it as Generation V.5. (We are looking for members so we can get spriters)

08112 Vote Comments

The Ancient Tribes

Mature Pokemon Roleplaying site! Going back to ancient civilizations like the Native Americans, the members of the Tribes correspond with Pokemon like no one else! Come here for an enjoyable, primitive roleplay!

08100 Vote Comments

Pokémon Arya

A brand new Pokémon RPG that's interactive towards its members! Become a Gym Leader! The champion! A coordinator! A breeder! Or will you be the one who catches a legendary? Find out now!

08140 Vote Comments

Pokemon Johto Battle Frontier

This is consisting of The Johto Battle frontier and a friendly community

07244 Vote Comments

Pokemon Recreation

Welcome to the wonderful word of Pokemon! Come and travel around the Poke Universe, catching new Pokemon, making new friends, and just having fun RP'ing! It's a friendly, active community! (Currently Looking For Admin's!)

07149 Vote Comments

Pokemon Friends RPG

This site RP's as trainers and coordinators. But here, pokemon aren't just our pets, but our friends.

07126 Vote Comments

Pokémon Voyage

A wonderful modded freeform roleplay! Promotions are often and updates happen quickly. Join today!

1630 Vote Comments


An active roleplay forums. [New Start][All Generation Starter Pokemons][PvP][Customize Roleplay Maps][Trading System][Active Staff][Customize Maps][EXP Recycling Center]

06298 Vote Comments

Pokemon Village

A forum devoted to pokemon and everything else.

0683 Vote Comments


Pokétime is an active forum that has a wonderful, welcoming community! Register to find out more information about Pokémon Black and White, or other games exclusive to Pokétime!

0697 Vote Comments

Pokčmon Amendments

A free-form Pokčmon roleplay an OC region: Locke! We also have a wifi section and a general chat area - members are not required to RP! With a friendly, hardworking, and helpful staff, we'll gladly answer any questions new members might have for us.

0678 Vote Comments
81Screenshot of TheNextGame


Las noticias más actuales, del actual mundo de los videojuegos.

1528 Vote Comments
81Screenshot of Pokemon Valor V2

Pokemon Valor V2

The Next Level Of The Original Pokemon Valor. A New Region, New Pokemon, New team, New Everything. Join Today!

1568 Vote Comments

PREDORMITUM; the pokemon civil war

A post-game pokemon war rp

05221 Vote Comments

The Reione Region

An awesome place with a brand new Pokedex, filled with Fakemon! You can role-play with your friends, choose one of our 10 starters and start on an adventure through the Reione, and if you're good enough, you can even lead a gym! So what are you waiting f

05217 Vote Comments

Pokemon Crusaders

Recently, the Pokémon Church in Hearthome City has been causing an uproar. Under the direction of new High Priest Canaal, they have implemented some rules that have caused many Trainers to worry. The newly-issued commandments have caused a separation betw

05102 Vote Comments
81Screenshot of Charific Valley Forums

Charific Valley Forums

A active place for battles and trades,some of the best battlers are there,come visit and join if you get what it takes to be the best!!!

05108 Vote Comments
82Screenshot of Collins Region

Collins Region

A Freeformed OC based site in the fictional Collins Region, both trainers and Pokemon are roleplayable.

1448 Vote Comments

Een pokemon RPG, maar niet alleen dat, ook de fans van Harry Potter, Narnia, Pirates of The Carrabean, Twilight, Avatar & nog vele anderen zullen geen probleem hebben om hier aan hun trekken te komen!

0459 Vote Comments

Solastella Region - Pokémon Island Paradise!

Set on a tropical island chain, Solastella is an atypical island-hopping RP with a liberal style and democratically elected upper staff. It’s the perfect place to relax with a close-knit community and a vibrant world - you have to see it to believe it!

0483 Vote Comments

Absol's Shadow (RP Forum)

No humans survived the nuclear disaster in 2030. And only Johto and the newly found region, Kadmos was left after the nuclear explosion. Play as a pokemon, explore Kadmos and meet new freinds!

03545 Vote Comments

Manako Region

A new Pokemon RP with an intriguing plot and a good storyline! Join now! ^^,

03649 Vote Comments
83Screenshot of The Soul Union

The Soul Union

An epic RPG site to play as a new trainer in the region of Tukon!

03202 Vote Comments
83Screenshot of PMD legendary explorers.

PMD legendary explorers.

Create your team and write your names in the History books as the greatest explorers of all time!

03131 Vote Comments

Anime Lolipop

The Enta region is a beautiful peace of land next to Johto and beside Sinnoh. It has Pokemon from all generations and trainers willing to battle others to victory. Join and vote for the new and improved Pokemon RPG forum, Anime Lolipop.

03440 Vote Comments

Pokemon Destination

We are a freeform and friendly forum with helpful members and staff that are always on. We always have events and promo's for our members and other things to do. You can't be bored when you are at your destination. The people there are friendly and kind!

03117 Vote Comments

PMD Revival

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP. Join up and have fun!

03106 Vote Comments

Pokemon Roleplay RPG

Come and make your very own adventure as you discover the Unito Region!

0381 Vote Comments

The Kuhre Region

Kuhre is a region nestled between Johto and Hoenn with its own special crime syndicate, Team Allele, who specialize in genetically mutated Pokemon. We have our own gym system, Elite Four, and unique Pokemon found no where else in the Pokeworld!

03104 Vote Comments

Pokemon Twister

Welcome to the Rijingun Region. We have an extensive battle style and a great set of gym leaders. Once a year or so we'll have a new set of events that can change the entire course of the forum. Shop in the black market at your own risk or shop in our off

0371 Vote Comments


La mejor información sobre Pokémon, las últimas novedades, solo en PokeClub

02121 Vote Comments

Pokemon battle quest

pokemon game just released.....

02122 Vote Comments
84Screenshot of Poke Fantasy

Poke Fantasy

Vote For Poke Fantasy
at Pokemon RP Topsites

0277 Vote Comments

Falling Star Academy

Welcome, one and all, to Falling Star Academy, a school centered around teaching young and rising students the basics of capturing and training Pokemon. Elena Bishop, who established the academy and currently serves as its headmistress, has high hopes for

02145 Vote Comments
84Screenshot of Pokemon Explore

Pokemon Explore

Pokemon Explore is a forum based RPG game taking place in the world of Pokemon with a stat system for pokemon.

02101 Vote Comments

Pokemon Battle Quest - Pokemon RPG

Pokemon Battle Quest is an online browser-based RPG and its free. You can catch pokemon, train them, battle against other trainers and also encounter some mystries which are unknown...

1147 Vote Comments

Victory Seekers

Travel through the Varaia Region on one of multiple paths and uncover the plot of Team Necro. You can start with ANY pokemon as you challenge gyms, compete in contests, undertake the breeding tests, or even join Team Necro in their quest for global domina

1183 Vote Comments

Pokémon Summit

A large-scale forum, where members can participate in a variety of different activities. Join our Pokémon Summit RPG; a large game with multiple systems and adventures waiting to happen.

01105 Vote Comments

1ATKcom - Friend Code Wi-Fi League

Try out our Pokemon Gym system! Build a team/guild/clan today.

01267 Vote Comments
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