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Pokemon Battle Quest - Pokemon RPG

Pokemon Battle Quest is an online browser-based RPG and its free. You can catch pokemon, train them, battle against other trainers and also encounter some mystries which are unknown...

11339 Vote Comments

Victory Seekers

Travel through the Varaia Region on one of multiple paths and uncover the plot of Team Necro. You can start with ANY pokemon as you challenge gyms, compete in contests, undertake the breeding tests, or even join Team Necro in their quest for global domina

11376 Vote Comments

Pokémon Summit

A large-scale forum, where members can participate in a variety of different activities. Join our Pokémon Summit RPG; a large game with multiple systems and adventures waiting to happen.

01394 Vote Comments

1ATKcom - Friend Code Wi-Fi League

Try out our Pokemon Gym system! Build a team/guild/clan today.

01556 Vote Comments
84Screenshot of GP Jobs

GP Jobs

"Great thoughts reduced to practice become great acts." - William Hazlitt

01334 Vote Comments

My Facebook profile

"Business is a combination of war and sport. " - André Maurois

01336 Vote Comments

My Facebook profile

"The quality not the longevity of ones life is what is important." - Dr. Martin Luther King

01326 Vote Comments

Jubilee Star Forums

A wonderful place for people from all over the world to chat about Pokemon!

01497 Vote Comments

Pokemon Destruction

Grimdark, and stuff

01452 Vote Comments

more info

"Mistakes are the portals of discovery." - James Joyce

01327 Vote Comments
84Screenshot of check this out

check this out

"Change in all things is sweet." - Aristotle

01312 Vote Comments

The Very Best

We are an up and coming literate Role Play Forum based on the popular Nintendo hit, Pokemon. We have a great group of lovely members and a laid back 300 word count. Here, we focus on the four regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Unlike the games and

01628 Vote Comments

web page

"Realize that if you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it." - Anthony DAngelo

01314 Vote Comments


"The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind." - Maya Angelou

01305 Vote Comments

this web page

"Nothing will come of nothing." - William Shakespeare

01326 Vote Comments

Pokemon Region Boren

A pokemon roleplaying game

01323 Vote Comments

The Pokemorph Chronicles

Where every story is an adventure, and every adventure is a story. This new RPG is based off of my own roleplay here, Pokemorph's: The Beginning. We have a lot of things on TPC, we even have our own region, the Artio Region. The Artio region is a small on

01318 Vote Comments
84Screenshot of Pokémon Epic

Pokémon Epic

Pokémon Epic is the ultimate role-play - you can sign up as a Trainer, Ranger, Pokémon and more! If you're looking for an epic Pokémon RP, Pokémon Epic is the site for you.

01374 Vote Comments


A brand new Pokemon RP forum that takes place in Hoenn. We have active Staff Members and are looking for more active members!

01351 Vote Comments

Pokemon PPF

A forum RP for pokemon fan's to come and have fun.Expolre the land of Allumia.Battle Gym Leaders catch pokemon even do storylined missons!!!

01335 Vote Comments

thanks for your good offer

00350 Vote Comments


Where I post my art c:

00388 Vote Comments

pokemon vortex

this website rockz

00302 Vote Comments

Pokemon Moono Region

Pokemon Moono Region is brand new! With it being a great place to be, hopfully you won't want to leave.

00321 Vote Comments

Pokemon: Forever RP

This is a simple Pokemon RP that is reviving from inactivity. We have a new staff a few new members! But we need more people; more activity!

00331 Vote Comments

Pokemon Fan Site

Pokemon Fan Site is one of the best Pokemon wikis for Pokemon Fans to hang out in.

00316 Vote Comments
85Screenshot of Pokemon RPG:Dark Legions

Pokemon RPG:Dark Legions

A site to create your own custom pokemon character in the alternate universe of only pokemon

00367 Vote Comments

The Annota Region

Annota is a large region, location unknown. The newly discovered region houses many hopeful trainers, Co-ordinators, and Wanderers from around the world. New legendaries are rising. Will you be the one to confront them? Will you win the Pokemon League? Ri

00362 Vote Comments

Universally Voltage

A very fun pokemon RPG. Go to the lab and pick 2 starters to start with. Once you do that you may continue on your journey to be the best trainer that you can be. This site has plenty of fun stuff to do as well. We are also very very active therefore you

00327 Vote Comments

Pokemon RP Topsites

fun rp

00392 Vote Comments


A new Pokemon region where you can choose to roleplay either as a Pokemon among other Pokemon roleplayers, or a Trainer where you will be assigned a mod to provide Pokemon challenges on your journey!

00311 Vote Comments
85Screenshot of Five Fingers shoes

Five Fingers shoes

Five Fingers shoes Vibram Five Fingers Sale Vibram

00332 Vote Comments
85Screenshot of Pokemon Fanny

Pokemon Fanny

Pokemon Fanny is dedicated to bring you all your Pokemon needs. From RPG, to discussion and debate, Pokemon Fanny has it all! Take pride in being one of our members and join now!

00322 Vote Comments

Legendary Muses

The ultimate fansite for all legendary and pokemon shippers! Centered around general chat and role-play.

00379 Vote Comments

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00355 Vote Comments

it is nice

00302 Vote Comments

Cheap Beats by Dre

Cheap Beats by Dre

00387 Vote Comments


This site has an arcade, lottery, bank/shop/point system and an RPG system. Half of it is regular discussion and the other half is RPing. So it is an RP site.

00441 Vote Comments
85Screenshot of Pokemon Hikari

Pokemon Hikari

A new Roleplaying site looking to gain interested members.

00339 Vote Comments

Driemaal Region

A new Pokemon rp site. Three different areas for one to start in, one for each starter type, with its own small type-unique area. Still being worked on and almost no members.

00333 Vote Comments

Pokemonium - Pokemon Online

Free to play pokemon MMO rpg. Play it as you would any game-boy game but your aloud to play against others online in real time!

00314 Vote Comments
85Screenshot of

This is my wolf pack

00326 Vote Comments

Pokemon RP - Tokan Region

A brand new RP, with a new pokemon region. Come RP here, and start a brand new journey!

00380 Vote Comments

Pokemon Crystal Cove

Unique pokemon Role playing experience! *9 Starting towns *Become a Gym Leader or a simple trainer! *New community = Open on ideas + staff hiring soon! Join Now!

00328 Vote Comments

At The Skylines

At THe Skylines CA

00301 Vote Comments

Pokemon Haze

Pokemon Haze is a new Pokemon Online Rp where the sky is the limit. Pokemon Haze Intro: In The world of Haze, there is four regions. Arnya,Blastia,Charfia and Dinatria. In the World of Haze, there is four main evil teams. Galaxy,Rocket,Magma and Aq

00328 Vote Comments

springwell community school

its quite boring

00299 Vote Comments

Pokémon Celeste

An up-and-coming Pokémon RP in the brand new Celeste Region. Created during a duel of legendary Pokémon, the region has many secrets as to its location, previous inhabitants, and even its very existence. Celeste, although beautiful, is dangerous and widel

00306 Vote Comments
85Screenshot of Pokemon Hikari

Pokemon Hikari

Pokemon Hikari is a RP based on a new league on Sunshine Island. Strange Natural Disasters have been occurring and sitings of strange pokemon. Join our world and begin your very own adventure. ♥ looking for gym leaders.

00312 Vote Comments

pokemon rp

dont know yet

00382 Vote Comments
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