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WWE Revolution E-Fed

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Welcome to WWE Revolution's E-Fed Toplist!
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WWE Pimpzone was Created on November 9, 2007. We at Pimpzone want everyone to have a great time. We only wish the best for you, because if you join our Fed, We'll make sure you're treated like royalty. Join WWE Pimpzone Today, and don't forget to Vote

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RWE Reborn

its a cool new e-fed thats a sim e-fed to be exact and i use zeus pro if you wanted to know to determin the matches. You don't have to have huge rp skills at all

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45Screenshot of IWWO


Basically another E-fed just trying to make a name for itself.

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World Cup eXtreme

Join now in th faction-based game World Cup eXtreme! Create your own team and battle to the top of each division as you prepare to take the coveted World cup!

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MAW:Maximum Action Wrestling

MAW is a CAW/Superstar based wrestling e-fed just hungry for new fighters. Can you fight to glory and become a legend in wrestling?

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WWE: Xtreme Alliance

It is a new generation E-Fed with lots of character. It is growing rather fast but still needs more members! Join for one hell of an E-Fed expierience!

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46Screenshot of WWE: A Superstar Life

WWE: A Superstar Life

We are a growing E Fed. We need more members so please join.

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Legacy Championship Wrestling

Lya and Maven reached an amicable agreement and merged their prospective companies into one large company. We are looking for all levels of talent from beginner to expert. All are welcome here. Do you have what it takes to come out on top?

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46Screenshot of Old School Wrestling

Old School Wrestling

Come join Old School Wrestling, were you may only use wrestlers from the ninety's who were in ECW/WWF/WCW at the time. You must rp as that wrestlers gimmick at the time.

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46Screenshot of WWE Dominance

WWE Dominance

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Bring The Violence Wrestling

No holds barred wrestling where the screams and blood are a daily occurance the sqemish need not apply.

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World Wide Wrestling All-Stars

World Wide Wrestling All-Stars

WWWA, is a pure rp efed, no bogus angle based victories. We have a great staff with over 10 years of experience, we have a easy to use website that keeps a appealing look. Check us out and hope to here from you soon.

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Re emergence of a fed. Looking for Any Level RPers ans Staff.

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Championship Wrestling Alliance.

A different look on e-feds. Roleplay's make up 25% while match writing makes up 50%. Each competitor has to write half a match each. Opened recently with a growing community. Real and created wrestlers.

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