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Top Roleplaying Sites - Wolves, Vampires, Fantasy, Anime

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115Screenshot of Elemental Balance

Elemental Balance

16112 Vote Comments
116Screenshot of Roleplay Galaxy

Roleplay Galaxy

Roleplay Galaxy is a community for people over the age of 18. We entertain all audiences, with forums for One on Ones, fantasy, futuristic, modern, and many more!

26011 Vote Comments
117Screenshot of The 100

The 100

The 100

The 100, a free-form AU rpg site. Based on the novel by Kass Morgan and the on CW series. We have no specific word count at this time and welcome any and all to join us

15859 Vote Comments
118Screenshot of Not The Norm City

Not The Norm City

Not The Norm City

NTN is a Roleplay where all sorts of characters are welcome. From vampires, werewolves, to shapeshifters, immortals, time travelers, gifted humans, mutant humans, and so much more. Get creative!

15028 Vote Comments
119Screenshot of Ultimate Dbz Role Playing Game

Ultimate Dbz Role Playing Game

We are a role-playing website inspired from the late Infinite Dragonball Z RPG. Active as of May, 2016.

14721 Vote Comments



Oath is an elemental wolf RPG. There are six packs that you may choose to join - Earth, Water, Air, Light, Dark and Fire. Wolves on this site will have special powers depending on their element.

146663 Vote Comments
121Screenshot of Europe 1300

Europe 1300

Europe 1300

Realistic, Historical, Medieval browser game with focus on Role Playing

14428 Vote Comments

Jack of all Trades

Jack of all Trades

A cross over site covering many different types of fandom. From the most popular anime to Harry Potter, to Kingdom Hearts; the possibilities are endless!

044135 Vote Comments
122Screenshot of Bloody Dice

Bloody Dice

2 Mafia gangs, 1 police department, an entire city at your feet. Will you try to destroy Chicago, or will you protect the city?

1435 Vote Comments

Crystal Glen

Crystal Glen

A secluded valley shelters a pack of wolves. Though their location offers protection, they may be destroyed from within...

043656 Vote Comments

Roleplay Fever

Roleplay Fever

Roleplay Fever is an online RPG community with several roleplays geared towards a variety of ages and interests. We add new roleplays all the time and we have regular contests and activities for members to get involved in. We're also looking for loyal, ha

043318 Vote Comments
123Screenshot of RolePlayU


RolePlayU is a community of roleplayers, people from all walks of life coming together to make dreams come true in the form of creative expression through writing.

14124 Vote Comments

Fate X Destiny

Fate X Destiny

A revamped multiverse RPG that allows writers to control characters from anywhere! We accept both Canons and Customs! Join us today, you won't regret it!

14114 Vote Comments
123Screenshot of Into The Myst

Into The Myst

Into The Myst

Pass through the myst, and into the Realm, where a single character can affect an age-old war. Earn points by posting, and use them- or don't- on unique features and talents. Most of all, have fun!

14133 Vote Comments
124Screenshot of Kevalt


An original play-by-post role-playing forum where you can fight truly massive creatures, become a hero or a villain, travel to a foreign continent or even the center of our planet, Kevalt.

14010 Vote Comments
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