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138Screenshot of The Cloud Wanderers

The Cloud Wanderers

The Cloud Wanderers

In a society where dreams are considered the number one form of entertainment, those with the capacity to control them, create and modify them are sharing their ability with the rest of the humanity..

13955 Vote Comments

Sinful Ties

Sinful Ties

A uk based gothic/fantasy which has expanded from the world of Anita Blake. Vampires, shifters, fey, mermaids and magic. A world where the paranormal have equal rights to humans but still face the prejudiced. Aimed at a mature Audience, regrettably we

139413 Vote Comments
138Screenshot of Mount Masami

Mount Masami

Mount Masami

Imagine that one day a portal opens up and you are sucked into a new world. Now imagine that this new world exists on top of a giant floating mountain name Masami filled with monsters and treasures you could only imagine. Discover the unexplored world of

139183 Vote Comments
138Screenshot of RP-Chat



We are a free Role Playing chat/forums. We have a lot to offer and a pretty brilliant Admin. Come and check us out. We use both Eden Era and Tech One/Two styles for fighting!

039338 Vote Comments
139Screenshot of The Demon Archives - Siege of Minerva Wargame

The Demon Archives - Siege of Minerva Wargame

The Demon Archives - Siege of Minerva Wargame

A play by post war game based on the post-apocalyptic sci-fi graphic novel, The Demon Archives.

1389 Vote Comments

WantSome Yaoi RP Forum [18+]

WantSome is a mature and active role play community for collaborative story writing and play-by-post role play. Although there is a strong focus on the yaoi genre, all themes of roleplay are welcome!

13818 Vote Comments
140Screenshot of Legends



Brand new fantasy wolf RP with fully customizable characters, elemental powers, animal sidekicks, and a genuine love for writing and creativity.

23748 Vote Comments
141Screenshot of Love Game: Advanced Literate Yaoi Roleplay

Love Game: Advanced Literate Yaoi Roleplay

Forum for roleplayers who like long detailed responses, researching, character development and over all improved writing skills.

13615 Vote Comments

Mark of the Wild: Savage Lineage

A PVP-based animal RPG. Hunt or be hunted, kill or be killed, eat or be eaten. Raise your own family, fight survival. Unique setting, world, and set up. [established | eye-candy skin | PVP | all animals | no word count | invision]

036147 Vote Comments

Circle Of Divinity

Circle Of Divinity

The Circle of Divinity is a play-by-post fantasy Roleplay website consisting of different clans for different species. We give a lot of freedom here, just create and character and we'll direct you to the right place!

03699 Vote Comments

Incendio Wolf Roleplay

Incendio Wolf Roleplay

Incendio is a literate-advanced mostly realistic wolf role-play site. There are 2 packs within the valley, 15+ locations to role-play, player-on-player and site-wide plots.

13536 Vote Comments

Naruta - The Elemental RPG

Naruta - The Elemental RPG

What Is Naruta? A world where humans carry an intrinsic piece of the Elements that created them, Naruta focuses on the individual adventures of players in a very diverse, growing world with many opportunities for unique roleplaying experiences. Barbaric

035864 Vote Comments


Hacker Underground is a multiplayer hacking browser based simulating game. The game revolves arround a level system, as you level up you become stronger.

33333 Vote Comments
143Screenshot of Convict Conflict

Convict Conflict

Convict Conflict is a free prison-style browser based RPG, which means you don't have to download anything at all. The aim of the game is to rise to the top and become the best of the best!

13316 Vote Comments
143Screenshot of Isle of Avalon

Isle of Avalon

Forum RP | No Word Count | All Skill Levels Wanted | Vampires, Werewolves, and Wizards | Original Steampunk Fantasy

13327 Vote Comments
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