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Legend of Aljerer

Legend  of Aljerer

Legend of Aljerer, the Realm of Dreams! Join others and escape reality, de stress while having fun with our Free to Play, No Download, Interactive Text, browser-based Game. Come Visit, Create your fantasy Character and have some fun, Role Playing with fri

029391 Vote Comments
132Screenshot of Tudors Saga - Return To Hampton Court

Tudors Saga - Return To Hampton Court

Tudors Saga - Return To Hampton Court

One of the most ACTIVE Tudor Sites out there. So if you feel nostalgic about your Tudors days and wish to write with amazing and friendly writers, dive into interesting storylines are waiting for you.

12823 Vote Comments

Lost In Serenity

Lost In Serenity

Lost In Serenity is a play by post RP forum, set in Joss Whedon's Firefly/Serenity 'Verse. Players are invited to create their own characters, join a crew, take a job or just shoot the breeze in some backwater bar. The site features player run ships, blac

02829 Vote Comments

Decimated Dreams - A Vampire / Demon RPG

Decimated Dreams is an any-level species RP that is loosely based off of the Anita Blake books. Enter a world unlike any other. Where humans not only know of vampires but accept them. Of course humans are still as naive as ever for if they knew even half

02883 Vote Comments
133Screenshot of City Of Sin

City Of Sin

City Of Sin

An original roleplay set in a post apocalyptic world where Vampires run the show as they repopulate the earth with their food, humans. Mutants and Supernaturals have also joined the fray.

12738 Vote Comments

Ravenblack Roleplay

RBRP is a fantasy based roleplay website that's based on the Dark Alleyways game. The site is largely vampire based but other immortal beings are welcome.

027745 Vote Comments
134Screenshot of Gallows Humour: Fable III

Gallows Humour: Fable III

Gallows Humour: Fable III

An 18+ Fable III rpg set 5 years after The Crawler's defeat. We welcome OCs & Canons from all social classes, backgrounds, and lifestyles! Not even Balverines are unwelcome here.

1266 Vote Comments

Storybrooke Maine.

Storybrooke Maine.

A literate, & mature, interactive Once Upon a Time, & Once Upon a Time in Wonderland roleplaying community. Apply now, to join the magic TODAY.

12648 Vote Comments

North High School

North High School

Welcome to North High School we are pleased to have you Here with us on this roleplay you can create your own characters and gain experiance from your time here build up your characters powers and help save the city from potential doom and the destruction

026609 Vote Comments
135Screenshot of Xantara



A unique panfandom where everyone starts in the same world and works to unlock other worlds and save Xantara, our original world rich in lore.

12512 Vote Comments
135Screenshot of Roleplay Haven • a Roleplay Community

Roleplay Haven • a Roleplay Community

Feel free to open your imagination and express your creativity. Write for any fandom, character, or even language. Discover new people, make friends and socialize!

1254 Vote Comments

Dragon Age: Warden's Vigil

A roleplaying community set in the world of Thedas, one year after the last Blight.

025930 Vote Comments
136Screenshot of Dangerous Currents

Dangerous Currents

Dangerous Currents

For a mermaid, being on land is a dangerous thing. Falling in love with a human could be deadly. How long will the peace between humans and merfolk last?

12440 Vote Comments

One Piece: Shores of Destiny

One Piece: Shores of Destiny

A stat based One Piece rp site. Come join us on the high seas for fun and adventure!

02498 Vote Comments
136Screenshot of Anglon Realms

Anglon Realms

It is the 1021st year since the discovery and colonization of these distant lands- of our home. Though the nations of men sleep in uneasy peace, the wild frontiers have never been more dangerous. Thieves and rogues ever plague the trade routes between our

02458 Vote Comments
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