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Mist Wolves Packs

Mist Wolves Packs

A wolf rp that uses chatboxes, this site consists of three different packs as well as spirit pack, loners, and a nearby human city with hunters and scientists. Powers are allowed.

125114 Vote Comments

WEF Wrestling

Welcome, You have found The World Extreme Federation. We opened in February 2006 and we are roleplay based. We allow many ways for you to roleplay! and we are now a CAW fantasy wrestling company.

1253 Vote Comments
150Screenshot of Roleplay Haven • a Roleplay Community

Roleplay Haven • a Roleplay Community

Feel free to open your imagination and express your creativity. Write for any fandom, character, or even language. Discover new people, make friends and socialize!

12525 Vote Comments

Dragon Age: Warden's Vigil

A roleplaying community set in the world of Thedas, one year after the last Blight.

025934 Vote Comments
151Screenshot of Dangerous Currents

Dangerous Currents

Dangerous Currents

For a mermaid, being on land is a dangerous thing. Falling in love with a human could be deadly. How long will the peace between humans and merfolk last?

12445 Vote Comments

One Piece: Shores of Destiny

One Piece: Shores of Destiny

A stat based One Piece rp site. Come join us on the high seas for fun and adventure!

024100 Vote Comments
151Screenshot of Anglon Realms

Anglon Realms

It is the 1021st year since the discovery and colonization of these distant lands- of our home. Though the nations of men sleep in uneasy peace, the wild frontiers have never been more dangerous. Thieves and rogues ever plague the trade routes between our

02462 Vote Comments

Legacy of Ame

Legacy of Ame

Legacy of Ame is a textbased fantasy roleplay that borrows influences from several boardgames, such as Arkham Horror, for its dice based system. In this game a narrator will follow you and push you into adventures and make you meet exciting characters.

02454 Vote Comments

Verdi Cries

Welcome to Verdi Cries: Set within the boundaries of everyday reality, Verdi Cries unlocks the mysteries of life and the secrets of the universe. Join the cast as they travel across the world in adventure that shatters reality as we know it.

023112 Vote Comments

Forever Forests

This is a fantasy, forest, animal roleplay. In need of members and staff.

02285 Vote Comments

One World

Foro de rol descriptivo del anime y manga One Piece.

02236 Vote Comments
153Screenshot of Westwood Gates

Westwood Gates

It's a small, modest town in Minnesota, about two hundred miles north of Minneapolis. It might seem, at first glance, an unlikely place for drama to occur. But it is, as things always seem to be, quite the contrary. Westwood Gates is a place for people lo

022228 Vote Comments

Shinobi Playground

Shinobi Playground is a brand new roleplay set in an alternate Naruto-verse that allows players to design their own shinobi and live out ninja lives. The storyline is constantly evolving based on the actions of our roleplayers!

022595 Vote Comments

One Piece Online

A One Piece themed roleplaying forum with unique Alternate Universe (AU) plot.

02241 Vote Comments

Mahora Academy 3-A

Mahora Academy 3-A

Mahora Academy 3-A is a non-canon Negima fan-forum where users can role-play in an intricate MMORPG system written exclusively by the staff, as well as share artwork, media, or just discuss the series with other fans.

021278 Vote Comments
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