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Demonic Charms

Demonic Charms

This is a non-cannon site loosely based on the Rachel Morgan (Hollow) series and the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series with a little touch of Forgotten Realms to it. The setting is set in Orlando, Florida in an alternate history as an urban fantasy.

020185 Vote Comments
143Screenshot of The Isles of Aledeon - Roleplay World

The Isles of Aledeon - Roleplay World

The Isles of Aledeon - Roleplay World

Play one of nine races and eleven classes, in our AD&D style Play-by-Post roleplay, set on a group of uncharted islands.

020411 Vote Comments

Muses Mayhem

Ever wanted to join a place where you can RP in several verses, with minimum drama?community of literate roleplayers, and we love what we do. Come and join!

19190 Vote Comments
144Screenshot of Writers Eternal

Writers Eternal

Writers Eternal

Simple † Beautiful † Creative † Those three terms are basically what is helping build Writers Eternal.

11926 Vote Comments
144Screenshot of Naruto New Legends

Naruto New Legends

1000 years after Narutos Era, new ninjas have arrived as well as new clans. Old clans are also popping up and a new threat is coming. What will your nindo be.

11917 Vote Comments

Skython Roleplay

Skython Roleplay

Skython is in another dimension all its own, full of mystery and thrill. The city and its outskirts have practically everything imaginable including various terrains, endless places to visit and explore, dozens of unique and interesting people and quite a

019423 Vote Comments

World of Warcraft: The Frozen North

World of Warcraft: The Frozen North

Enter into the Fantasy world of World of Warcraft, in Northrend. Taste the bitter winters, with your allies, and fight forgotten enemies in this post-cataclysm Roleplay. All are welcome.

11834 Vote Comments
145Screenshot of RED LIKE ROSES



Red Like Roses is based on the webseries “RWBY”, created by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Productions.

11811 Vote Comments

Blue Hill

A new RPG forum about a mystery surrounding a coastline town and newly renovated boarding school!

1184 Vote Comments

Dragonball Densetsu

Dragonball Densetsu is a role-play centric forum that allows for custom and canon characters to take to the battlefield! Join us today!

1188 Vote Comments

Cross Brook Reform School

Cross Brook Reform School

Cross Brook Reform School; The home of those who don't fit into normal society. A school for freaks, the unstable, and the insane. Something sinister lurks within the walls of this already ominous school, something threatening everyone you know.

018219 Vote Comments

Flying Asparagus - Fantasy Role Play

Despite the name - there's nothing really to do with asparagus that are normal, or flying. A fantasy role playing forum that focuses on freedom. Androids, vampires, elfs, angels, virdan - you name it. 99% of the time, most races are accepted.

018154 Vote Comments

The First Rising

The year is 1977, there is a chill in the air but, there is somthing much much more. Ever wanders what happened in the years before the first rise of the Dark Lord ? Set in the last years of Snape, Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius and all of your other favo

01863 Vote Comments

Divine Salvation

World of Immortals, Where your wildest fantasy come true

11751 Vote Comments
146Screenshot of Roleplay Central

Roleplay Central

With 300+ members we are a unique culmination of roleplayers from all over the world. Out 'List' places hundreds of roleplayers in an easy-to-use and searchable database!

1178 Vote Comments
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