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161Screenshot of -|Sharvani|- Land of Dreams

-|Sharvani|- Land of Dreams

-|Sharvani|- Land of Dreams

We are a play by post roleplay forum. We have several plots going on at any given time, but currently there are no global plots. The main realms are medieval/fantasy based but we are welcome to new ideas and new roleplays.

0933 Vote Comments
161Screenshot of New Mombassa

New Mombassa

New Mombassa

Hey, my name is Manio and I'm the Owner/Forum Head of New Mombassa. NM is a roleplaying community geared towards fans of the Halo series, and everything Halo oriented. However, it's not just a Halo forum but a roleplaying community as a whole. We have

0964 Vote Comments

A Song For The Dead - A Zombie Roleplay

A Song For The Dead - A Zombie Roleplay

15+ ASFTD is a roleplay hybrid of tabletop and written freeform. Create a character in East Texas and take on the Zombie Apocalypse. Be a good or bad guy. Torture or help humanity. No vampires or werewolves, just humans trying to survive. So tell us, what

09114 Vote Comments
162Screenshot of INFIDELIS


Infidelis, a stray dog RPG, is a story of survival where challenges await each character. We are a fluid-time, timeline-based RP with a five sentence minimum and a running plot that is created by you!

880 Vote Comments
162Screenshot of Writers ~ Eternal

Writers ~ Eternal

Simply the most beautiful site of the year! "It looks good, really sleek design."

1812 Vote Comments
162Screenshot of Nocte Diei Animus Odi

Nocte Diei Animus Odi

Nocte Diei Animus Odi

A Mature Lycanthrope Secret Society RPG

187 Vote Comments
162Screenshot of Overwatch Recall

Overwatch Recall

A freeform Canon & OC Roleplay taking place in the universe of Blizzard's Overwatch

180 Vote Comments

The Millennium Chronicles

The Millennium Chronicles

We are a Naruto/Yu-Gi-Oh! RP forum. We are a VERY active forum in need of more canon roleplayers. Non-canon AND original characters are allowed. Aside from the RP-ing, we also feature games, fanfictions, fanart, and videos made by our members.

0869 Vote Comments

Kamui Yukar

Kamui Yukar

This fantasy role play is inspired by Japanese folktale is loaded with spirits, yokai and kami.

0852 Vote Comments

The Unofficial Twilight Characters RPG

The Unofficial Twilight Characters RPG

The Unofficial Twilight Characters, or UTC for short, is a role playing group that originated on MySpace in November of 2009. It began with a single spark of imagination from Jessica (a.k.a. Bella) who wished to combine her love of Twilight, knowledge of

0864 Vote Comments

Eternia Blood Ties

Eternia Blood Ties

Welcome to Eternia, battleground for three very different races. The year is 2013. Location: NYC. Underneath the city lurk the Lycans, bidding their time to even out what they see as an ages-old wrong. At night, out come the Vampires to stake their cl

0828 Vote Comments

Heroes: The Next Generation

Alabaster Academy contains all different types of students, some with abilities, some the children of gifted parents whose abilities haven't manifested yet. Each student takes classes in their ability as well as the regular state curriculum. The school is

08473 Vote Comments
163Screenshot of Naruto Storm RP

Naruto Storm RP

A literate Naruto RP with 50 members on per day and showing no signs of slowing down August 2013!

1713 Vote Comments
163Screenshot of UPRISING



Uprising is a new roleplay centred around teens with supernatural powers, attending Winter Academy.

178 Vote Comments
163Screenshot of Fantasy Role Story Forge

Fantasy Role Story Forge

Craft your fantasy! With text based roleplaying! In > multi-author adventures! Create a better character profile for where ever you game!

174 Vote Comments
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