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164Screenshot of Naruto Storm RP

Naruto Storm RP

A literate Naruto RP with 50 members on per day and showing no signs of slowing down August 2013!

1713 Vote Comments
164Screenshot of UPRISING



Uprising is a new roleplay centred around teens with supernatural powers, attending Winter Academy.

178 Vote Comments
164Screenshot of Fantasy Role Story Forge

Fantasy Role Story Forge

Craft your fantasy! With text based roleplaying! In > multi-author adventures! Create a better character profile for where ever you game!

174 Vote Comments


A fantasy, skill-based, pbp forum rpg.

172 Vote Comments

Enter The Darkness 2

Enter The Darkness 2

Moved ETD...

1738 Vote Comments
164Screenshot of Beyond the Moonlight

Beyond the Moonlight

The Cullens have returned to the northwestern United States to settle in Port Angeles.This is a Twilight Saga RPG Board set in the year 2113. No Word Count, Friendly Staff

172 Vote Comments
164Screenshot of Silver Future: A Sailor Moon RPG

Silver Future: A Sailor Moon RPG

A brand new Sailor Moon RPG set beyond StarS, a new future, new enemies and old friends coming together. Will you be part of it?

1713 Vote Comments
164Screenshot of The Lion King: Dark Horizon V2

The Lion King: Dark Horizon V2

A Lion King rpg taking place in the final moments of The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride and beyond. Join us for canon events, a war by Scar's son, and more!

175 Vote Comments
164Screenshot of The Silver Cavern

The Silver Cavern

The Silver Cavern

Unique fantasy RP environment. Lycans, werewolves & more. We take all levels of role players: and we do not discriminate or limit the creativity of our members. Check us out.

0748 Vote Comments

Bleach: Endless Summer

5 years after Aizen's downfall, a new group of Espada have managed to cut off the Shinigami from the human world to conquer it. Everything is in chaos now as humanity is on the the brink of extinction. Will you choose to save it? Or will you choose to rul

0746 Vote Comments



A fictional Canine, Feline, and Human rpg centered around two species, the Sithyres and Daeckal. Both species were pet's of Lucifer until a Sithyres slaughtered a Daeckal. Lucifer banished both species to earth.

0715 Vote Comments

Mythical Arcadia - Where Legend is Born

Mythical Arcadia - Where Legend is Born

Arcadia is a free fantasy role-play forum with a setting of early Renaissance yet enraptured by Magick. To put it simply, the context is similar to the 14th and maybe the 15th centuries but influenced much by magick thus making it unique. There are swords

07274 Vote Comments
164Screenshot of Roleplaying Homebase

Roleplaying Homebase

The Roleplaying Homebase is a site made up of originally from the website The Pendragon Adventure. After the site fell apart we formed together and began anew at the Homebase. We have diverse members and always want more. Come and join us.

07151 Vote Comments

Heroes of Albion

Intermediate-Advanced, Engaging Plots, Very Active Staff, 1+ Year(s) Old, TONS of Canons to Apply For... Enter the world of Fable and become the Hero you've always wanted to be.

0758 Vote Comments


Role play in any genre, you will never be limited with your imagination here. Feel like wasting time? Write your own blog with your own fans and ratings! Join now! [new graphics coming soon]

0740 Vote Comments
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