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Alighieri Academy -- A Slayer RP

Alighieri Academy -- A Slayer RP

It's a Greenland based high school academy, that teaches humans how to slay an uprising of Vampire, Lycanthrope, and demon. We also allow these creature to be created by you the person to RP with. If you want to know the full plot, then join the site. Thi

0253 Vote Comments
160Screenshot of Dark Plains

Dark Plains

For anyone interested in some online RolePlay with Medieval-Fantasy setting be sure to come check it out ^^. We have a Facebook page and are starting to feature Roleplays as Notes and little stories. Check us out and hope you enjoy yourself =D

1144 Vote Comments

Chaotic Roleplay

Chaotic Roleplay is a writing forum for ages 18+ who wish to roleplay, talk about writing and make writing friends, whatever the genre you desire.

112 Vote Comments


DemigodUniverse is a Camp Half-Blood (From the Percy Jackson series) Roleplaying site. You create a camper and roleplay as them. We have a very kind and welcoming community that will be glad to have you join.

1115 Vote Comments

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"A man of business may talk of philosophy; a man who has none may practise it. "- Alexander Pope

0130 Vote Comments

Animal Forest

All critters in Animal Forest are anthropomorphic (attribution of human characteristics to non-human creatures and beings). Animal Forest is also player operated as in, the game has minimal NPC's, the only actual NPC's are the skill trainers in the main h

01142 Vote Comments

This website teaches you "how to draw wolves" step by step for FREE. It is a decent website and I hope that you enjoy.

0191 Vote Comments

Il Mansion Di Anima

Plentiful amounts of ways to roleplay, from real-time chats, to turn based threads. IMDA has a lot to explore.

01264 Vote Comments

The Masquerade: New york

The Masquerade: New york

Set in the dark universe of vampire's and werewolves, using the masquerade to hide away from the eyes of man kind, but pulling strings behind the scenes to gain power and land. You can rp as almost any supernatural being in this universe, but, be forewarn

0193 Vote Comments
160Screenshot of Moonlit Dream

Moonlit Dream

Moonlit Dream

This is a new and small community of Roleplayers that offers a variety of role play genre's friendly staff and discussion forums to get your fellow members.

0179 Vote Comments


Just a place to have fun! And let your mind create whatever lurks and such. Everything is allowed Vamps, Werewolfs, Angels you name it.

0129 Vote Comments
160Screenshot of Roleplay as Vampire or Elven Character

Roleplay as Vampire or Elven Character

This is a social site where you are able to create characters to role-play with.

01115 Vote Comments

Written in Roses RP Forum

A new role-playing website with many different categories to satisty your rp needs! Written in Roses is open to all levels and types of role-plays! Come and join the WiR community in new adventures and fun!

0159 Vote Comments

Ultimate Universe

An RP website that purpose is to create a fun environment for everyone

0156 Vote Comments

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"Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." - Chinese Proverb

0120 Vote Comments
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