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Blood Feud: Vigilante

The year is now. Two groups in the city of Rome, Italy have been fighting for years. From family hatred to gangs, to public outbreaks of war, the Lato Del Sud- Lato Del Nord blood feud has never reached its end. But recently, a new group of fighters hav

0047 Vote Comments

Rolepages - In Character Social Networking

A place where anyone is possible. Role Pages is a social network like Facebook or Bebo, but here you can be anyone that you can imagine. Our members include aliens, vampires, dragons, werewolves, and demons.

0063 Vote Comments
163Screenshot of SAMECOIN


Samecoin is a website in which two schools exist. Both are for gifted children. One creates heroes, the other creates villains. Follow the kids and teachers as they grow up, and the teachers in their escapades. The site is literate and incredibly friendly

00212 Vote Comments
163Screenshot of jeana's myspace

jeana's myspace

my space go away

0034 Vote Comments

Virtual Hogwarts

VH is an online roleplaying forum that takes place some years after the death of Harry Potter. The site is relatively new, but full of experienced admins and members. The forum has its own plot going but is very open to individual sub-plots. Everybody

0019 Vote Comments


A place to get to know me. Join its free (:

0026 Vote Comments


well its Photobucket and I DO NOT OWN IT obviously because I am not rich.

009 Vote Comments

Hazordhu II

All you need to know about Hazordhu II

0063 Vote Comments
163Screenshot of deviantart


i dont understand the what it wants me to do

0014 Vote Comments


The Blightlands is a medieval fantasy role-play forum that takes place in the Fourth Age of the land Ellar. We don't claim to house only one literacy level, instead welcoming everyone who will put up an effort to role-play with others and have fun.

0028 Vote Comments

Eternal Wish

We are an RP Site dedicated to the desires of anyone. Whether you're into fantasy, or something a little more reality based you can have your wish fulfilled. We are based around a high school environment and are nondiscriminant to any creature from any di

0020 Vote Comments

Vampire Academy, RPG

St. Vladimir's Academy isn't just any boarding school–it's a hidden place where vampires(moroi) are educated in the ways of magic and half-human (dhampires) teens train to protect them.

0015 Vote Comments
163Screenshot of Crystal Glen

Crystal Glen

A Role-playing site for the wolf-ish. The whole site is the RP, with a Glen for news, a High-rock for Ceremonies, etc.

0018 Vote Comments

Labyrinth: Hell on Earth

There are many heavens on earth, each and every one more beautiful then the last. With heaven there is always hell. A hell more damned and forsaken then the burning realm of torture that the mythical Satan resides in. A hell that no one can leave once

0076 Vote Comments
163Screenshot of BLEACH EX


Four Years after an Demon Invasion Soul Society Begins to Rebuild while dangers of a new hollow overlord looms.

0015 Vote Comments
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