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Just my drawings i guess :3 Zero Kiryu <3 FTW

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Relihu Zaria

[blockquote][center]A great king, an asset to the vast lands of Relihu Zaria, stood gazing upon his lands. Smoke curled around the most distant mountain...they were close. He shuddered, remembering the conversation that had been held between himself and

0033 Vote Comments

.Hack// Hackers

Imagine being able to control a custom character in a game called the world. What would you do? how would you act? The world awaits you at .hack: Hackers. .Hack//: hackers is a roleplay dedicated to the .hack universe, the site has recently bee

0042 Vote Comments

Marvel Universe

Marvel Universe

The site is based on the future of all Marvel super hero's. The super hero's you grew to love have all grown older ,and have had children to take there place. These children are twice as strong as there parents,and will have a great influence on the unive

0024 Vote Comments

World of Elmentia

Join The World of Elmentia! Create a unique character and engage in the many conflicts and joys RP has to offer in this fantasy land where you can climb the ladder of politics, military, or just enjoy your alter ego.

0022 Vote Comments

house og night sereis fans

thid website is for the house of night fsns out there, it has great people awesome staff and a roleplay forum

0017 Vote Comments

Castle RP

Castle RP

Castle RP is currently a newly starting roleplay site based on the more fast paced chat roleplay rather then forum post roleplay. You may be asked to create specific kind of characters for specific kind of roleplay but we carry many style to enjoy, so lon

0039 Vote Comments

Dark Roleplaying Central

Ever dream of being a Creature of the Night? Feel the urge to hunt like the beast you are within? Then join our beloved forum where the creatures roam free and govern themselves.

0063 Vote Comments
173Screenshot of

I manly use my mysace for communication.

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Random Rp


0021 Vote Comments

Blood Feud: Vigilante

The year is now. Two groups in the city of Rome, Italy have been fighting for years. From family hatred to gangs, to public outbreaks of war, the Lato Del Sud- Lato Del Nord blood feud has never reached its end. But recently, a new group of fighters hav

0048 Vote Comments

Rolepages - In Character Social Networking

A place where anyone is possible. Role Pages is a social network like Facebook or Bebo, but here you can be anyone that you can imagine. Our members include aliens, vampires, dragons, werewolves, and demons.

0067 Vote Comments
173Screenshot of SAMECOIN


Samecoin is a website in which two schools exist. Both are for gifted children. One creates heroes, the other creates villains. Follow the kids and teachers as they grow up, and the teachers in their escapades. The site is literate and incredibly friendly

00213 Vote Comments
173Screenshot of jeana's myspace

jeana's myspace

my space go away

0035 Vote Comments

Virtual Hogwarts

VH is an online roleplaying forum that takes place some years after the death of Harry Potter. The site is relatively new, but full of experienced admins and members. The forum has its own plot going but is very open to individual sub-plots. Everybody

0020 Vote Comments
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