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online social networking grouops were you make your own anime char, mines narutodemontroy

0018 Vote Comments

Pirates of the Caribbean RPG

The relationship between Will and Elizabeth is over. Elizabeth heartbroken and jaded has been kidnapped by Lord Cutler Beckett who has mixed feelings about the girl. Though Elizabeth is over joyed to see her father again, she finds her mind straying and w

0025 Vote Comments
175Screenshot of When Realms Collide roleplay forum

When Realms Collide roleplay forum

On the day the Mayans predicted the end of the world six energy gates were found after no chaos whatsoever. These energy gates lead to new realms with strange inhabitants. To learn more about it either search the forum yourself or ask me (Note the forum i

0027 Vote Comments

Princes of the Universe

Princes of the Universe is a post-apocalyptic roleplay that allows vampires and humans, as well as other creatures upon request. There are always plenty of important roles in a variety of exciting groups available, and we offer an interesting and original

0020 Vote Comments


Roleplaying and blogs

0021 Vote Comments


Do you want to join a world of fantasy, be a wizard/witch, elf or human in this forgotten kingdom, where the fight for power never stops. It's still rather new but quality is guaranteed.

0030 Vote Comments

Sunny Days In HeLL

It's just a slightly failed RP website I made out of boredom. Nothing much is there.

0014 Vote Comments

Final Fantasy Convergence

A new world looms in the balance. Uncover the mystery behind it all, join us, and start anew. Roleplay, chat, have fun, and let your story begin.

00269 Vote Comments
175Screenshot of assassin, fantasy RP

assassin, fantasy RP

It was an assassin site, I decided to make it open so that it can be used for everykind of roleplay, T! is most welcome on there, speed is also welcome. read the rules before you join..

0013 Vote Comments

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0013 Vote Comments
175Screenshot of Storm Island

Storm Island

One of the first ever fantasy RP games, create a creature (any of your choice!) choose a picture and upload it as your profile picture. Choose a god to follow or prove yourself worthy and become a minor-god!

0053 Vote Comments



This role play has several worlds to play in, in which you can create your own stories, make new friends, new enemies, experience new love.. Anything. This is a place to have fun with role playing and being the person/people you wish you could be. This ro

0040 Vote Comments


In the midst of the Dark Ages, when the Gods still held power, three major races emerged. The elves, nimblest of all races, held life on a pedestal, believing that all living things were to be cherished. The orcs, strongest and most aggressive, were ruthl

00126 Vote Comments

Gaia Online

it is a website where you can create an avatar. you can meet people. you can create guilds. the website above is my guild "cavalcade of role play". it has any type of role play you can think of. thanks.

0015 Vote Comments

The Time of the Equestdorian

An unique fantasy bonding rpg set in the time of war.

0023 Vote Comments
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