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Twilight RolePlay

Breaking Dawn has taken place and it's been seven years since the last Volturi attack. Thinks are too calm; Renesmee is totally matured and is going to college. The rest of the Cullens are doing their best to get ready to move so that Forks does not get t

0035 Vote Comments
185Screenshot of AkureiNoMangetsu


a forum to roleplay with your OCs

0020 Vote Comments

Twilight Basket

A site combining Fruits Basket, Twilight, and bits and pieces from other books.

0027 Vote Comments

rogue vampires

Massive Vampire rpg

0026 Vote Comments

Ruins Of Utopia

This is an RPG game.It was recently created and is based on the idea of a perfect world which was destroyed. This is a place where you can create anything you like, Be anythign you like and enjoy roleplaying as much as you want. Everyone is welcome. (thi

0020 Vote Comments

Emradia's Charries Pages

A website that you can post charries and charrie pics.

0019 Vote Comments

Roleplay Sanctuary

A place for all role players to come and write to their hears desires. No gimmicks, no biography for your characters in some lame application process. Just join and RP, simple as that.

0034 Vote Comments


I don't have a website so I just put one that I frequent on.

0012 Vote Comments

Let's Roleplay!! :)

it's just a place to put anime photos and create role plays. :)

0022 Vote Comments


Redrose used to be just a normal small town... But after some foreigners moved here, constant murders started to happen here... How can vampires, shifters, witches, faeries and humans live together? Welcome to the FUNHOUSE.

0030 Vote Comments

Shamans of Sirindar

Shamans of Sirindar

Shamans of Sirindar: an Oblivion-esque roleplaying forum, with tons of readable lore and events. Choose to be one of six races, choose from 24 professions ranging from a Astronomer to a Pikeman. Start a religion, clan, or guild, and own your own fort. Do

0023 Vote Comments


a place for friends

0020 Vote Comments
185Screenshot of foopets


a fun role play I have been enjoying

0020 Vote Comments

Silver Mountain Wolves

A land once broken will be revived, we will stand strong. Realistic literate wolf RP.

0024 Vote Comments
185Screenshot of RPG Forums Online

RPG Forums Online

For nine years, RPGFO has provided a safe place to write. We have 26,000+ members, and million+ posts, but we are slowing down. We need your help to bounce back. Voting codes will be in a sticky.

0010 Vote Comments
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