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this is my myspace page

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creative freedom

A place for roleplayers of any degree to come and enjoy themselves. Relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and courteous players cement this site as a great rp site.

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184Screenshot of SSBLifeItself


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to RP in the Smash Brothers universe? Well now you can! The RP takes place ten years after the SubSpace Emissary's collapse and explains the aftermath of the Subspace explosion and how it created another world

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184Screenshot of Whispering Meadow's

Whispering Meadow's

A place for all supernatural beings. Vampires, wolves, whatever you can think of, can come live and be who they are. The drama of heaven and hell, and anything in between.

0024 Vote Comments


the real me. but i will not add you uinless i get to know you frist.

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184Screenshot of world of shakana

world of shakana

world of shakana

Shakana is a magical world that was made by the four god but the now the world is in danger by the shadow realm which is where all evil ones are from.......

0038 Vote Comments

New Horizon RPG

New Horizon is a science fiction world which holds the soul of a fantasy world's loose and inventive play style and its sense of exploration and wonder. It's a brand new world, just waiting for you to explore it! New Horizon is a table top RPG, like ma

0016 Vote Comments

find out more

"In the business world the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield." - Buffett Warren

0012 Vote Comments


This site has a little bit of everything in it, its not a site of anything specific am adding some vampire stuff too

0031 Vote Comments

The Wild Lands

The Wild Lands is an active RPG site. With over 700 members, you will be able to RP as a wolf, horse, vampire, Human, or deer. We are coming up with new ideas every day. With new and exciting plots almost every month, you will always be kept busy. The Wil

0080 Vote Comments


“Escape to Isola Del Desiderio, the prosperous island nation of desire and wealth. Where anyone worth knowing lives, eat, play, love and fight … the possiblities are endless, the choice is yours.”

0020 Vote Comments
184Screenshot of

for making stories about other books, music, anime/manga etc...

0030 Vote Comments

Warhammer: Age of Dominion

With the Storm of Chaos over, Archaon, Lord of the End Time, almost destroyed the Old world, many Races were hit hard by the onslaught of Chaos, but the Empire was most damaged. The High Elves, wage a bloody war with the Witch King of the Dark Elves.

0036 Vote Comments

Academy Of Arawn - A Supernatural RPG

[center][img][/img] Within the lush heart of Ireland, there lies an old, quaint town called Wexford. It's existed since the late 19th century, nestled in a thick shroud of mystery. Not man

0017 Vote Comments

wow gold

buy wow gold online

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