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An RP site based off of The Legend of Zelda.

0031 Vote Comments

Horse Island

A rp site for horses, wolfs, fantasy creatures, ect.

00214 Vote Comments

The Omniplace

A place for role-players to explore how far they want to go in game. You can make your own game or join an existing one. Play the way YOU want to.

0013 Vote Comments

Hailstorm - Medieval Adventurs - Cavern Exploring

Be a part of a dungeongoing guild in the small fishing village of Glacier Town. Explore dungeons, ruins, and caverns with others. Medium English skills, please.

0012 Vote Comments


It will be about role playing all characters from the Richelle Mead books from Suckubuss to beyond.

006 Vote Comments

final fantasy RPG

0028 Vote Comments

Naruto Next Generation

naruto and friends are adults now and the kids are now teen ages it is time for the new genertaion to chooses the plath and ninjas

0099 Vote Comments


My facebook page.

0020 Vote Comments



A community for gamers to gather. Find or share the hottest games and tell others about your latest achievements at SocialKicks.

0011 Vote Comments

Deviant Dreams

Deviant Dreams is simply a roleplay site designed for you and only you. All the roleplays are done by memebers, no matter what your level your welcome here. The site has no set genre, we do Fantasy,Sci-fi, Medival etc. Our main aim is to provide a site pu

0024 Vote Comments

My Deviantart

My artwork.

0017 Vote Comments


Iíve lost count of the number of times that I asked myself this question when putting together database structures. Since the maximum a VARCHAR can hold is 255, it becomes a question of whether or not the data youíre saving will be any longer than that. S

0012 Vote Comments

Prinstimon's website

Just a personal website

003 Vote Comments

Underworld:The Blood chronicles

the Lycans and the Vampires have been at war for over 3 hundred years but now there a group of humans that call them self slayer that just what to kill both lycans and vampires to pure the world of evil... it a semi lit. roleplaying site.

0036 Vote Comments

Anonymously Written by vulabula

Shared with everyone in the world Where you can post, read, review, and dicuss numerous writings!!!!!!Also involve yourself with our forums!!!!!!!!!!!

0012 Vote Comments
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