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PlanetMinecraft is where I started roleplaying.

007 Vote Comments


A school made to give would be heroes a second chance after they've been brought to a pocket dimension at the brink of death, MSFHigh is a place that teaches these students how to be better heroes, slightly anime inspired, with the occasional transformati

00325 Vote Comments


Raven's Attire: She prefers to wear a white, sleeveless vest buttoned up the middle and a long cloak of a rich blue. She wears black leggings that have numerous small pockets, and two slender knives strapped to her thighs. But she also likes to wear

0021 Vote Comments



Heya, My name is Kiba. I have a small group of friends that run with me and help me out.

0023 Vote Comments

Wheel of Time RPG

Wheel of Time RPG

A roleplay where one can allow their dreams of becoming a character from Robert Jordan's book series, Wheel of Time...come alive.

0015 Vote Comments

Blackwood Asylum

(New site! 09/09/2010) Blackwood Asylum was first established in 1903 by Dr Henry Blackwood. These days it contains more mentally insane than it ever has before. Everyday is a power struggle between staff and patients. Which side will you join?

00148 Vote Comments

Unknown Fantasies

Unknown Fantasies is a newer fantasy RPG site in need of members. Any RP level (from beginner to experienced). Time setting being modern. Any species allowed. No limit to post-length. Join now for a great roleplaying experience!

0015 Vote Comments

Black Magic Hogwarts

Welcome to Black Magic Hogwarts. This is unlike the original Hogwarts when all dark magic is illegal, this is the complete opposite. More will be explained later.

0012 Vote Comments


006 Vote Comments


A simple game where wolves can have fun make friend's have mates and cub's

0073 Vote Comments

Maroon and Orange

My lil hole in the wall... Just started it. Do be patient.

0013 Vote Comments

Vampires SpeakOut

Defend or refute traditional myths and legends about the vampire world. State which type of vampire you enjoy...the gory bloodsuckers of many legends...or those stupid sparkly vampires from TWILIGHT

0014 Vote Comments


my rps

0026 Vote Comments


SOULxSOCIETY (SxS) is a Canon and Non-Canon Character Bleach RP with its own active storyline continuing from the Winter War. Join us today and get ready to affect the plot in a big way! Meet our friendly community and Staff and above all, have fun!

00152 Vote Comments
164Screenshot of GaiaOnline



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