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The game I play.

0011 Vote Comments

AvP Universe

AvP Universe is a AvP fan community which organizes Roleplaying events.

007 Vote Comments
172Screenshot of Yokai High

Yokai High

Yokai High is school for humans but there aren't the only ones that going to this school..........

0041 Vote Comments

Red Blood

This is a boarding school where vampires and humans mix. Love starts a brewing and death comes to a few. Role playing website.

0016 Vote Comments

cheap dvd for you

Hi there.. I am new here in this forum , and I'm glad to be part of it , Hoping you too.. Just try to visit my website. For more information. Thank you

00288 Vote Comments



0039 Vote Comments

Wolven den

This is a den home to lost and forgotten lonely wolves. There can be wolves that can change to human. You can do what you want but respect the higher ranks than you and don't curs a lot. You can go hunting for food and have your own home tent. It takes p

0014 Vote Comments

The Eternal City

We are a Roman Era RP site that is super friendly and has a great all original plot. We accept almost anything including Demi-Gods, Gods, Slave/Master, even some mythical creatures! Come check us out!

0015 Vote Comments
172Screenshot of Eternal Night

Eternal Night

Eternal Night

Welcome to the world of Eternal Night.Where Things always go bump in the night!Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Zombies, ect. reign supreme here. This is an rping site that really has no plot line what so ever. Everyone and every skill level is welcome.

0011 Vote Comments

my myspace

my myspace.

0030 Vote Comments

Vampire Wars

Vampires vs. Humans. This is another time yet the fude is still not over with even after years and years, and now Humans and vampires have even started having Kids named Half Vampires. The only question remaining is, Are you going to lead the peace or sta

0020 Vote Comments


In our current day the Order makes most decisions for the country and the individual wolves. One-year-olds are sent off to train in camps; strong ones make it back and the weak perish. Health is monitored and experiments are sometimes held on the weakened

00199 Vote Comments

Majestic Nights

Between small rumors of power greedy lessers building armies to destroy the nations, to untrustworthy politicians....

0018 Vote Comments


A unique and differing Zombie roleplay site.

0057 Vote Comments

Vampire Knight: The Rose Chronicles

after Kaname and his friends left Cross Academy they when to a new Academy called Roseair witha new school and new people and also a new vampires classmates ....what could go wrong.......also role play as you favorite charater or make one of your own .

0032 Vote Comments
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