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anime sucks

Anime Sucks, I'm going to go into series like Bleach, Onepiece, Naruto, Toradora etc... I'll explain in detail whey they suck.

0010 Vote Comments

lee herrons poetry room

Its a site where you can come and write poems or stories, what ever you choose,all I ask is that people keep it clean and imagination is a must

0016 Vote Comments

Diablo 4 Shop

Welcome To Diablo4shop And Buy Diablo 3 Gold,Diablo 3 Items Online,Cheapest D3 Gold For Sale With Professional D3 Items Store -

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My role playing website.

0063 Vote Comments

Crescent Gazers

[center][b]Crescent Gazers[/b] [i]The cycle of the seasons has led the world from winter, and now it is spring in the world of the Fire and Ice packs. The air is balmy and warm, the trees are growing their leaves back, and prey populations are explodin

0047 Vote Comments

Role Playing Games - Troll And Toad

A blog about role playing games and other hobby games.

0018 Vote Comments

Roleplay Junkie

Roleplay Junkie

A friendly and new roleplay forum based on fantasy storylines. Here you can create a character -or two!- and decide your fate. It's all based on the t1 roleplay style, which is paragraphs loaded with details, like a story. The banner is suppose to say

0037 Vote Comments

Meadowbrook Academy

Meadowbrook Academy [MBA] is an exciting RP about a highschool where horses often come in front of the academics. If you love horses, or want to learn more about them, this place is perfect. You can RP horses, students, teachers, bartenders, or whatever y

00115 Vote Comments


just a place to roleplay keep it clean

0065 Vote Comments
176Screenshot of deviantart


where i post my art!!

0053 Vote Comments


Co-optimus Co-optimus Co-optimus

008 Vote Comments
176Screenshot of

Questdial - India's favourite local search engine Questdial India's favourite local search engine provides information on all B2B and B2C Products and information Services. Services available in all major Indian cities including Hyderabad, Bangalore,Mu

0010 Vote Comments

Sunset Howls

Home; this is the name all wolves here give to this region. Home... A place to call your own, to live with your family and friends in harmony, although the occasional argument is nonetheless accepted. So which side will you choose? Waris afoot between

0084 Vote Comments

Hargrove Terrace

The tale of Hargrove is a dark and twisted one. Being no bigger then a village, every one of the locals knows one another very well. The haunts bring many new folks in from time to time, but needless to say they never stay. Terror can be found all around.

0023 Vote Comments
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