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Harlequin Academy ,

In the heart of Hollywood, California, a large and luxurious boarding school lies waiting each year for more students to enter. Only the rich and fabulous have managed to get into the school, if you're anything less you won't be accepted by the mass stude

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My Profile

0019 Vote Comments

Still of the Night

Still of the Night

Out of the need for a more mature approach to the supernatural/horror gimmick, Still of the Night was born. Featuring an all original city, Bishop Cove, once settled by men of faith, now a modern urban wasteland that the city officials still sell as

0049 Vote Comments

My Story About Me

Its about me, my life, and the ones I love.

0013 Vote Comments

The Roleplayers

The Roleplayers is a friendly and social roleplaying group with many different rank for you to climnb, from Academy Student to Jonin Rank SS it's fun to rank up, also you must make your custom RPC to begin roleplaying! So join in now!

0028 Vote Comments


Breading wolves

0020 Vote Comments

Ultimate RolePlay Forum

It's an epic forum, (bran spankin new) about rpg's like on consoles, board games, book version, facebook games, anime, and all that fun stuff!!! it's freaking great! You should check it out and post to help me make it better, right now it only has me, bu

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A site were you can do any roleplay about any topic, just have fun.

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159Screenshot of Bullin


Dont click it its not real

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159Screenshot of Kings Cove

Kings Cove

We're an RP site that's up for all kinds of different RP's. We pretty much just started and are currently looking for members to join our family. Our RP's are what you make them.

0077 Vote Comments

Mystic Falls

Mystic Falls is a land revived. A plague had swept over the land, killing most of its inhabitants. Those who didn't die had left the land, forgetting of their life there. As the land aged, it healed, calling for creatures to make it home. Slowly, they

0077 Vote Comments

Just Dreamin'

Role playing website, not made by me though.

0036 Vote Comments


Long ago four Gods created 4 Kingdoms, one of those was Sheinara were our story is based. It's the land that stands in the very center of time itself. Help us fight the upcoming evils, people who wish to stand against us when we try and fight for peace.

0089 Vote Comments

Shuri Pura

Shuri Pura

Shuri Pura is a science fiction-themed RP. Set in the dying generation ship Shuri Pura, players are encouraged to create their own characters and decide the fate of the ship through creative writing and roleplay.

0056 Vote Comments

Union Roleplaying

Union Roleplaying is a multi genre roleplaying forum, accepting all levels of roleplayers. The community is small so far but we expect to grow. We allow people new to PBP and Roleplaying, and want to be able to teach them.

0023 Vote Comments
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