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City Of Colour

City of Colour is an intermediate/advanced roleplaying site focused of the drama and fun with bands on tour. This tour is called City of Colour and is the most anticipated in Europe. All the newest and coolest bands are there. Are you?

0058 Vote Comments

Inheritance Cycle RP Forum

Brand New Inheritance (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr) Role Play Forum

0036 Vote Comments


Distension is a relatively new rp zone, but has a great setting. Based on the "Modern" world with a twist, be prepared to immerse yourself in the world of ancient fantasy with Vampires, werebeasts, demons, angels and the like, but also be prepar

0035 Vote Comments

a connection site...

0028 Vote Comments

Clans Of Lakota

Clans Of Lakota is a somewhat realistic wolf rpg site that is based RIGHT after the ice age. It is about three packs isolated on an island far away from any other land. The packs clearly do not get along and there are many trouble that they have to work t

0082 Vote Comments

Roleplaying Paradise

Roleplaying Paradise

A forum for written RPG's of all kinds. Includes Anime RPGs, Animal RPGs, Fantasy RPGs, and many more!

0068 Vote Comments


My name is Scath and I am a shadow elf. Meaning I can control the shadows, using them as weapons or as a means of transportation.

0030 Vote Comments

The Magic Games

The magic games is a hunger games RPG... but with a twist. Now they are giving out powers. Get ready for the bloodiest Hunger games ever

0033 Vote Comments

The Black Wonderland

This is an official Role-playing site. This is PBP(play by post) RPG game for only one topic. You mat create your own story here, but it should be related here somehow.

0048 Vote Comments


I do not own one i just go there to role play..

0037 Vote Comments

7 Deadly Sins

The month is June. Kids are getting out of school for the summer and adults are taking off work for vacation. However there's a whole group of people that are just now getting to work. Underground bands around the area are getting ready to be the ones who

0057 Vote Comments

Eatmybigtoe:The next big RP Expereince

Small rp community,lighthearted, small community range of topics.More topics on demand or request. mainly Anime though all rp is welcome if we don't have your category ask

0065 Vote Comments
174Screenshot of Bloodlines - A Vampire Saga

Bloodlines - A Vampire Saga

Can predators form families? Are there not lion prides, orca pods, and wolf packs? Why should vampires be any different? Just because we must take human life to survive does not mean we do not possess hearts that can care, love, be broken. We may indeed b

0047 Vote Comments
174Screenshot of vampire knight's blood stories

vampire knight's blood stories

this site is based off of vampire knight the series. play as your favorite charater or cearte your own charater

0062 Vote Comments
174Screenshot of Backup Foopets

Backup Foopets

this is a roleplaying site where you can put or add anything onm to it make your own its loaded with fun

0059 Vote Comments
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